Connecting Businesses with Opportunities in India

doing business in india

“India is home to one of the most vibrant and entrepreneurial iOS development communities in the world,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “With the opening of this new facility in Bengaluru, we’re giving developers access to tools which will help them create innovative apps for customers around the world.”

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Other than the challenge of someone recording moveis from the laptop and selling them, I am very sure that Netflix will do very well in doing business in India.

This also means that Internet service providers will also make lot of money especially from the plans that will support HD video quality.

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How did China do it? What lessons does China's experience hold for India? We discuss four policies which helped China's emergence as the world's factory and their relevance for India.

  • Building Infrastructure “Ahead of Time”
  • Letting Selected Industries and Regions Take the Lead
  • Sharp Reduction in Barriers to Inbound FDI
  • Investment in Skill Development

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