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How to get Licence for selling surgical instruments in India

Submitted by Himanshu Agrawal on Mon, 03/10/2014 - 10:25am.

I want to start a business in selling surgical instruments, and laboratory chemical kits from which institution I will get trade licence.

I am ready to become a distributor of surgical instruments and chemical kits in India.


Surgrical License
Sir, i want to start a business for selling sugrical goods( consumables like cotton, bandage etc) do i need a license for this. And if so how can a get a license?
Surjical goods selling
Pls guide me how to start business small scale and guide how to sell goods from at home
Video surgical equipments
Sir, I am Mohit Verma from Delhi, I am in camera line and Now I have started manufacturing surgical ENT endoscopy/ laproscopy / colposcopy cameras from past 3 years. Buying some spare parts from China for it. I also sell LED light source, surgical headlight for dental & Ent. So my question is "Do I need any licence to sell these products ?" If yes, then what type of licence and will it be valid for all products. Will wait for your reply. Thanks Mohit Verma ESC Medicams Mb : 8882441190 / 9818700144
Surgical items business in Odisha
Sir, Kindly advise, how can i start a business on surgical items. 1. Is there any licence required 2. Where i will buy the products. Name a few manufactures which are the best in the industry. 3. What is the capital required to start the initial business
how to start surgical and medical equipment in india and abroad.
dear kshirod chadra, i give the answer one by one 1. license required for the medical disposable class-B products, class-c, class-d not for class-a do goggle for class study or whats up me. 2. you can buy by so many online platform- india mart,, , you consult from me too. thee is 3 types of supplier OEM, third party manufacturer, trader or enterprise wholesaler, importer/exporter. you have to search in google because it would be so lengthy to explain here. 3. capital minimum 3 lac required to start for medical disposal(cotton , bandage, adult diapers), 5-10 lac for medical equipment( ICU, O.T. related), 15-20 lac for heavy medical equipment like OXYGEN generator, diesel generators, this is free of cost service for the new entrepreneurs, for more details you can whats up me 9644162749, email:-, dolphin surgical & pharmaceutical jabalpur madhyapradesh.
Surgical stockst
Pls help me how open a surgycal stockst
surgical item business in odisha
dear chandra as i have seen that you are interested to know about the surgical item whole sale business in india. 1. yes it is required the drug license form 20B and 21B for distribution and stock of medical surgical goods whcih consist needles and sharp edges medical devices or which comes in CLASS-1 MEDICAL devices and CLASS-2 medical devices( for more search in google about classes of medical devices) but it you start the rehab product like abdominal belt, knee cap etc. or any medical furniture like wheel chair, hospital bed etc. no drug license is required. 2. HMD, POLYMEDICURE, BBRAUN, VYGON, ARROW, EDWARD, LA-MED, STERIMED ETC. THERE ARE ALMOST 250 MANUFACTURER present in india you can search by google or just send me mail i will guide you. 3. capital upto approx- 200000/- to 300000/- initial investment thanks if need more information just send me whats up in +91-9644162749
start a surgical instrument shop
I wanna open a surgical instrument shop bt I have not digree or diploma so plz repl on my answers
surgical shop
plz contact me
Information regarding surgical agency.
I have to start agency of surgical product. I have to initial bussinese in small scale with low ammount. Plzzz guide me for this


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