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ATMs in the arrival section of Delhi’s International Airport

Submitted by Navin Pathak on Sat, 10/17/2015 - 10:35am.

Atleast 3 banks have their ATMs in the T3 Arrival section of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport: Citibank, Kotak Mahindra and IndusInd Bank. There are 2 ATM kiosks before the customs and atleast 2 after.

Your foreign cards shall work at all the ATMs in the airport, atleast, unless your bank has imposed any restrictions on withdrawing cash in foreign countries.  Make sure that you call and inform your bank of your trip and I would recommend you to have some upper cash limit set on your ATM withdrawl.

ATM transactions certainly don’t give you better exchange rates and, additionally, they can be expensive due to ATM charges and transactional fees.


Airport ATMs
In my considerable experience as an intensive international traveler since 1976 as an international banker and tourist, not only do bank ATMs give you an outstanding exchange rate, they give you the best exchange rate available. American banks ( The local bank present the local currency amount to the credit card issuing bank who does the conversion ) always convert at that days fixing rate with no fees whatsoever. It is very true that the local bank from whom you withdraw the money may impose a fee, But it is always a flat rate per transaction. Therefore Calculate the maximum amount of local currency you will need for your in country visit and make only one withdrawal. Any other place you convert money locally, whether in a bank or a hotel, well not only add a fee, but will pay at the exchange rate by at least five percent. And a money shop which advertises no fee will pad the exchange rate even more.

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