Connecting Businesses with Opportunities in India

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1) Freshworks Inc. (formerly Freshdesk) has launched its latest product, Freshchat, a new product for customer engagement on websites and apps

2) Power2SME has raised $36 Mn Series E funding

3) Tata Group is looking to enter into online grocery business under Starquik brand

4) Paytm, is reportedly in talks to acquire Bengaluru-based online travel company

5) Shortlist has secured $1 Mn in Seed funding

6) Airtel Payments Bank has bolstered its digital platform with the integration of UPI

7) ICUBESWIRE has announced a $3 Mn innovation fund to support the growing number of early stage startups in India

8) Codemojo is unveiling a borderless, easy to use, global rewards network to mobilise $360 Bn worth rewards points that go unredeemed each year


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Doing business with India: Some interesting numbers to feel good about.

  • $35 billion investment by Japan over a period of 5 years and along with it their expertise in making bullet trains.
  • Australia is set to sign a Nuclear Power deal with India to supply around 500 tonnes of Uranium to India.
  • Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Indra Nooyi (Pepsico), Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) discusses possible investments.
  • Israel inks $5 million deal for Joint Educational Research programme.
  • $20 billion investment from Xi and his Chinese counterparts.
  • 2 billion Euros support from France for sustainable development in India.
  • Airbus to increase outsourcing in India from 400 million euros to 2 billion euros over the next five years.
  • French National Railways has agreed to co-finance an execution study for a semi-high speed project on upgradation of the Delhi-Chandigarh line to 200 kmph.
  • Canada agrees to supply 3,000 metric tonnes of uranium to India from this year to power Indian atomic reactors.