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US based Company Looking to Distribute Toys in India

Project Status: Open

Company Name: Dynamic Play Network
Country: USA
State/City: New Jersey
Industry Type: Consumer Goods
Looking For: Toy Distributors in India
Name: Mark Nathan

Project Summary:

We are a lead Toy agent based in the United States who is looking for a top toy distributor that handles the India market.

We currently distribute our toy manufacturing clients' toys in nearly 70 countries.

We are looking for toy distribution in India.

Below are some Links to our toys:

  • Djubi
    • Award-Winning!  The coolest twist on the game of catch!  Consistently rank in Amazon’s Top-10 sports toys! One of the most fun outdoors games in the market today!
  • Glide Bikes
    • Only Balance Bikes with a Peddle Kit attachment so a child can grow with the bike they are already comfortable with!
  • Bilderhoos
    • Our unique climbing Playset is different than any other playset
    • Can be built in different configurations (no glue, screws or tools needed!)
    • Can hold 500 pounds (allowing multiple kids can climb all over and through it)
  • lilbagie
    • Unique Plush Infant Toy that is also a portable diaper bag dispenser
  • Power Glider
    • Patented, unique, portable, all-in-one product that gives the ability to stretch and strengthen your body, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE and for ANY AGE, while protecting your joints (wrists, elbows, shoulders, lower back).
    • For Core and Stretching
    • Used by Celebrity Trainers and Professional Athletes!
  • Dynamic Play Network

If you would like access to some of the best and most successful toys globally, please contact us.


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Project Tags: toy retailers


Toy Distribution
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Toy Distribution
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