Connecting Businesses with Opportunities in India


Submitted by Navin Pathak on Mon, 07/10/2017 - 12:05pm.


Vonage World plan offers free unlimited calls to both landline and cell phone in India.  One of the features that come with the World Plan is ‘call forwarding’ using which you can configure your assigned number to forward all your incoming calls to any number in India.

Especially for business people who have subscribed to Vonage, your clients not necessarily need to know that you are traveling out of the country and even if they do know they still can reach you without incurring any extra charges.

Three important things you should know before using this feature to forward calls to India:

  1. India’s city code so that you can configure the India telephone number.
  2. Neither landlines nor cellphones comes pre-configured with voicemail feature. So, your clients or family members won’t be able to leave a message.  For cellphones you can call the Indian operator to set-up voicemail on your account.
  3. The time difference between US and India is such that any calls coming to you in US day time will ring late at night in India.