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Submitted by Navin Pathak on Mon, 11/24/2014 - 10:19pm.

One of the best uses you can make of your travel to India is to get a preventive health check-up done at a very meager cost.

Preventive screening is often not covered under medical insurance plans in US and it is very expensive.   While most insurance plans allow basic tests such as blood pressure, cholesterol level etc., they do not cover advanced procedures such as High Definition CT Lung scan, CT-scans of the heart to detect calcium buildup in arteries that can signal heart disease, Colon Cancer Screening,  advanced Blood tests to detect early stages of disease, and Nutrition and Fitness assessments, etc.  In US, the preventive physicals that are offered by clinics like Princeton Longevity Center, Canyon Ranch and the Mayo Clinic cost anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000.

Same quality health check-up can be done in India at very affordable 6-8th of the cost in US. Not only can you get advanced screening and wellness assessment done but can also enjoy a relaxing holiday at a culturally vibrant and historically rich place.

Here we list some of the top executive health check up service providers in Delhi.  At these facilities, an inter-disciplinary team of physicians working together will assess your current and (near) future health & risk factors and design a program.  It normally takes a day for the tests to be conducted.  Once you are back to US, you can show the reports to your general physician and create your action plan.

We highly recommend that you make use of this opportunity during your visit to India. If you need help in planning, signing up with a service provider or with the follow-up program, please fill up the Contact Us form on the site.

Preventive Health Checkup Service Providers in Delhi:

  1. Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre Limited –  Okhla New Delhi – 110025 +91-11-2682-5000
  2. Max Devki Devi Heart & Vascular Institute - 2 Press Enclave Road Saket New Delhi – 110017 +91-11-2651-5050
  3. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals - Sarita Vihar Delhi Mathura Road New Delhi – 110076 +91-11-2692-5858