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Preventive Health Checkup in Delhi

Submitted by Mahendra Pratap on Tue, 04/28/2015 - 10:34pm.

"Getting Screened" (looking for potential health problems before they occur) is one of the top five things you can do to sustain good health and longevity (Eating healthy, Exercise, Positive Thinking and Social Connectivity are the other four).

So why wait until obvious symptoms of a problem emerge or an emergency situation arises before seeing a doctor. One of the reaons may be the cost factor.  The cost of individually-tailored wellness assessment of your current and future health can be high. While most insurance plans allow basic tests such as blood pressure, cholesterol level etc., they do not cover advanced procedures such as High Definition CT Lung and Full Body Scan, Colon Cancer Screening etc.

Fortunately, your visit to India provides an opportunity. The same screening programs with equal quality are available at affordable cost in India. Not only can you get advanced screening and wellness assessment done at an affordable price but can also enjoy a relaxing holiday at a culturally vibrant and historically rich place.

Here we list some of the top executive health check up service providers in Delhi and other cities in India.  At these facilities, an inter-disciplinary team of physicians working together will assess your current and (near) future health & risk factors and design a program for your wellness, which includes diet, excercise, regular screening and follow-up.

Entry India highly recommends that you make use of the opportunity to get advanced screening at an affordable price when you visit India.

Preventive Health Checkup Service Providers:

Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre Limited
New Delhi - 110025

Max Devki Devi Heart & Vascular Institute
2 Press Enclave Road
New Delhi - 110017

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals
Sarita Vihar
Delhi Mathura Road
New Delhi - 110076

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