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AAP's winning in Delhi Elections - A case for Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Based on a simple analysis of the promises by AAP party, shown below, what would you propose to AAP? (time for some innovation, may be)

  • 500 new schools
  • 20 new colleges
  • 1.5 million CCTV cameras
  • 30,000 new beds to city hospitals
  • 200,000 public toilets

So at an average,

  • a school to be started in every 3.65 days
  • a college to be started in every 91.25 days
  • a CCTV to be installed in every 2 mins
  • 16.4 beds in city hospitals every day
  • a public toilet to be build in every 13 mins

Funding sources: 50% cut in electricity tariff, VAT reduction, free water and free WiFi....
Some of the road-blocks: Delhi police, Land are under Central Government

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