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USA Paint Manufacturer looking for Distributors in India

RDC’s team researched and developed two advanced, high-performance, aerospace grade, ceramic infused, waterborne/Green coatings that can be applied to just about any surface or substrate, above or below water, in severe weather conditions, generally without any primers, that will significantly resist corrosion, provide A1 Fire Retardant protection, significantly save money and endure for decades, not years. 
Our highly advanced coating products are arguably the most enduring, highest tested paint or coating products on the global market today. Our two signature coating products are as follows: 

  1. RDC’s Advanced, High-Performance, Aerospace Grade, Acrylic Elastomeric Architectural & Multi-Use (AMU) Coating

2. RDC’S Advanced, High-Performance, Aerospace Grade, Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Coating 

RDC’s AMU Coating carries an A1 Fire Retardant Rating – rare for most paint or coating products. Steiner Tunnel Fire Test, conducted in Central Texas in 2004.
✓ Rating: A1 Fire Retardant (Best)
✓ Smoke: ZER0 (Best)
✓ Flame Spread: 3.9 Feet (Best)

Cake Franchise

If you have a good retail shop location, we have a great business opportunity for you to start a Cake shop and earn good profits..!!

Cakes were at one point of time, available only to the wealthy. It is now commonly seen in all celebrations irrespective of age groups. Cakes are the most preferred desserts of all time and no birthday is complete without the age old tradition of cutting the birthday cake.

Market For Packaged Cake:
The Indian bakery market is valued at Rs 3,295 crore and is expected to reach Rs 4,308 crore by 2012. The bakery market can be segmented into cakes, pastries and unpackaged biscuits.
The cake market in India is valued at Rs 1,088 crore for 2008, and is growing at a CAGR of 10 per cent. The pastries market in the country is valued at Rs 136 crore for 2008, and it is also growing at a CAGR of 10 per cent.

Company Profile:
Established on the principles of quality and efficiency, Pantree Hospitality and services Pvt. Ltd., is an emerging service provider in India’s growing hospitality sector. Led by a highly experienced leadership team, the company will steadily expand to have a pan India presence. Pantree focuses on the consumer and the business-to-business market. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is foremost. The Pantree team is dedicated to provide exceptional service and product. Our core values are; high supply reliability, consistent high quality, constant smart innovations and short product development cycle.

At Pantree Hospitality and services Pvt. Ltd., we follow a fairly simple philosophy - offer a product of outstanding quality and ensure customer loyalty. The simplicity of that principle is backed up by a lot of hard work and years of experience. All our products are prepared in a modern compact ISO 22000 plant where we adhere to stringent guidelines of hygiene and cleanliness ensuring a safe and healthy food preparation for all our patrons. Our stress on meticulous planning and strict discipline of timely product delivery facilitates the adoption of a Business to Business model that caters to Cafes, Fast Food, Multi-Cuisine restaurants and also Bakery & Confectionary needs of small and mid-sized hotels.

Distribution of Pooja Gangajal

Gangajal has as an uncommon and huge market all over India as it is now available in the market as consumer package. Therefore we are looking for a mammoth distribution network to install across the country. We poised for rapid growth and inviting existing as well as new potential distributors to appoint 500 in numbers across India. Very soon all India TV advts will take place.

Setting up a business in this category is the wisest decision to fulfill your wildest dream into this competitive FMCG market. Wise investment, highest profit, immense market, largest Hindu population in the country. We have signed a JV agreement with a Singapore Company for an amount of $ 25 million Equity investment in our company.

Immense scope to get into Rs 195000 crore market with this product India, the largest democracy of the world, is also the second most populous nation and seventh largest country of the world. As a cradle of civilization, India’s history dates back 5,000 years; she’s credited of being the birthplace of the oldest language, the oldest written book and the oldest living religion of the world. Spiritual industry in India is pegged at $ 30 billion or Rs 195,000 crores of rupees.

FMCG Distributorship for Handmade Soap

Ispiba is the brand name for handmade soaps that are Paraben, Sulphate and fragrance free. Our soaps come in unique shapes and are made from organic ingredients.

Ispiba also has corporate gifting options in the form of beautiful floral soap baskets that are unique and customisable.

In comparison to our competitors in both national and international market, every bar is hand crafted and priced economically for luxury segment.

To make Ispiba available to different markets we require potential Distributors for Indian and overseas market.

Moonj Craft - Handicraft Products by 500 Artisans

500 Artisans in Moonj craft below-poverty level working with us.

We are looking forward for business partner for marketing and financial support to skill up our Artisans and product for better design and aproach.

MeruRaya Residential Development

A 16/8 acres land to be developed for residential at Malaysia.

I am looking for project funder / JV

Mobile App for providing On-Demand Services

Established in 2016, this start-up with its team of technologists from India and US designed and developed a platform (mobile app) that can cater to any On-Demand solution that a service provider wants to offer. 

In 2017, the company started full operations with implementing the App in real world scenario of getting Drivers on-Demand.

With customization, this platform can cater to any other on-demand service for example maid-on-demand, tutor-on-demand, mechanic-on-demand

For a complete business success, other than using the latest technology framework currently in the market, business intelligence, reporting and integrated marketing features are implemented for transparency to both users and drivers. 

3 apps included

  1. Client: iOS and Android
  2. Driver: Android
  3. Operations: Android.
    • Operations is managed through web as well.

We are looking for:

  1. Partners who may want to invest in us for an active partnership
  2. Companies who want to license the technology
  3. Investors (including Companies) that may want to buy the whole platform

We are open for work with anyone from any part of the world.

Japanese manufacturing company for E Bike

A popular Japanese company into manufacture of Electric Two Wheelers is seeking partners from India to manufacture its range of Two wheeler Electric bikes.

The models of the two wheelers are very attractive with vehicle capacity starting from 45 Km per full charge upto 125 Km on full charge.

Al are models manufactured by them are quite popular in the countries being sold currently like Japan, SouthKorea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China and USA.

Want FMCG Distributor for Aryum Fresh Tea

We Aaradhya Exim Private Limited is lawful owner of Trade Mark named "Aryum Fresh".

We exist in the market for last 3 years in Pune Market.

Aryum Fresh is 100% pure bland of Assam Tea, specially to cater to various consumers across India.

To make Aryum Fresh Tea available to different markets we require potential Super stockist ,and Distributors for Maharashtra and other states of India.

Wind Turbine Business

New concept Wind Turbine & Business development needs Co-Founder(s) / Partner(s) for Startup formation.

Expected output of New concept is 3-6 times (in a given time span. Say, a Day / Week, etc.) more than the existing ones at lesser cost (FYI - miniature prototypes already tested).

As such, the new concept has a huge global market potential to billions of dollars.

Note: The project is almost done (ready to test stage) and I felt inducting a Partner at this stage would be of great significance. Because following the test, immediate funds are needed for market launch preparations that include refining the Product (with more advanced features and technology) & entire test lab and equipment setup.

Details of relevance:

- Name of Founder: VEERAMANI C

- Name of proposed company: SKI IDEAS

- Current place: Chennai, India.

- Investment requirement: Initial - US$ 200,000. (min.US$ 20,000 per investor)