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How to get Licence for selling surgical instruments in india

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 03/10/2014 - 10:25am.

I want to start a business in selling surgical instruments,and laboratory chemical kits from which institution I will get trade licence


Drug licence is req. for supply of surgical goods...?
I am planning to start distribute and supply for surgical consumable goods and medical items in gurgaon and near about my query is How to get the licence (if req.) What is Qualification What is procedures start this business .
licence of mfg. surgical disposable cloth
i am looking for licence of mfg. surgical disposable cloth etc............
i want to start my own business in surgical and medical equipments
license to sell surgical equipments
Dear sir / madam I want to start a businessin selling surgical instruments and laboratory chemical kits from which institution I will Trade a license
Need of licsene for selling surgical equipments
Its necessary
How to get licence for distributionship of surgical equipments

Respected sir/madam,

I like to know how do I get a license for distributionship in Mumbai , qualifications requirements, & what is the procedure.

Please give me the information on my email ID or call me on 9221536724 .

Thank you 




Surgical instrument eligibility


Greetings of the day !

I am Devesh kumar from Kushinagar, Gorakhpur U.P, i am a normal graduate person, want to start work in surgical instriment supply at my home town Kushinagar, Please suggest the process and eligibility for the get licence and start work. 



medical equipment business start-up eligibility

Hi Devesh,

Please drop your querry at the below given email id-

or you can contact on- 02228507123

Warm regards-

Ratan Singh.

Dealership distributorship of medical items in Goa India


 I am planning to start dealership / distributors for surgical and medical items in Goa 

how to get the dealership/distributors 



  1. How to get the licence
  2. What is Qualification
  3. What is procedures start this business
  4. approximate investment.
Surgical wholesale business in India

Hello Everyone i want to start surgical wholesale business 

plz let me know any licence required for this or any other documents required 

Plz call or text me on 8360608363 or wattsapp me on 8528956434




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