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About Us

EntryIndia.com is a unique platform with the mission to make it easy for companies in India and around the globe to seamlessly connect with each other and do business.

The features in our technology infrastructure make it easy for businesses like manufacturers, producers, distributors, investors, service providers, etc. to effectively engage with their potential partners and clients.

Doing business in a foreign country can be very challenging especially for an unprepared individual/business. Examples include a US company that wants to manufacture its product in India, an Indian company wants to sell its products in the European market, etc.

To assist companies to prepare with all aspects of doing business with India, we provide companies the real business value through:

  1. Project Marketplace: Companies interested in cross-border B2B selling or manufacturing can post their business project free of cost and connect with the interested parties, like distributors, JV partners, buyers, importers, agents, etc., directly.
  2. Expert Marketplace: Companies can select and connect with handpicked and reliable industry experts through our marketplace.
  3. Knowledge base of events, articles, tips, questions, news, etc. to make the businesses aware of the challenges and opportunities of doing business internationally.
  4. Transfer Money to India displays USD to Indian rupee exchange rate in real-time and the best way to send to India.
  5. India Business and Travel Guide, specially designed for foreign companies and start-ups interested in doing business in India.


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