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Cookie Policy

Cookies Policy

Entry India’s policies uses cookies to analyze how both the visitors and the users navigate on our site. On this page below, you will find more details about the way we use cookies and what control you can exercise on them.

By accessing our site and navigating it, you accept the use of cookies by us.  To read more about the cookies and their usage, you may click on the Federal Trade Commission, USA, website

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is information saved by your web browser. When you visit a website, the site may place a cookie on your web browser so it can recognize your device (laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile phone) in the future. If you return to that site later on, it can read that cookie to remember you from your last visit and keep track of you over time.

Our use of cookies is centered at facilitating your navigation, memorizing your preferences or selecting the ad which will suit the most your needs.

We are also using these files to run 

  1. Statistics on the frequency of your visits, and 
  2. By which mode you have landed on our site

Further, we measure 

  1. The number of pages you viewed
  2. The number of times you have visited our site before 
  3. Your activity every time you visited our site and your return frequency, 

However, in the case where your (registered users of our site and general web surfers or visitors) device’s browser is setup to refuse the cookies, the access to the site or some of its features and/or services may get limited or altered, if not denied or impossible.

Since we allow users to communicate with each other on our site (under various content types - Projects, Events, Articles, Tips, Questions, etc.), we require general information when the user registers on Entry India’s site and also when the user submits a service order form on the site. Here, at the time of creating an account on Entry India’s site, the user is first asked to fill in a form and submit it on the site.

In order to run sales transactions, Entry India collects individual identification information.

Different Types of Cookies

  1. Single-Session cookies
    • help with navigation on the website
    • only record information temporarily and are erased when the user quits the session or closes the browser
    • are enabled by default in order to provide the smoothest navigation experience possible
    • are known as Tier 1 technologies under applicable government guidance
  2. Persistent/Multi-Session cookies
    • remain on your computer and record information every time you visit some websites
    • are stored on the hard drive of your computer until you manually delete them from a browser folder, or until they expire, which can be months or years after they were placed on your computer
    • are used by the FTC solely to provide analysis of site use and to maintain access quality for users; capture only a unique, randomly assigned identifier for each user and do not send or receive information on non-FTC websites
    • are known as Tier 2 technologies under applicable government guidance
  3. Third Party Cookies

Cookies of third sites can be set up by services which appear on these third sites.

These cookies are not under the control of the visited site. For more information about the third party cookies, we invite you to go directly on these third-party websites.


Cookies on Entry India’s Website

The following table shows the list of cookies used by Entry India’s website

Cookie type



Performance, analyze and search (Navigation on Entry India)

Entry India

These are cookies set up by on your device to meet navigation needs, for optimization and personalization of services from our site.


Third party

These are cookies set up by Youtube, allowing the visualization of their videos. Because we don’t have any  control over Youtube's process to collect information, we suggest you to see their confidentiality policy directly.

Google Analytics

Entry India

These are cookies set up by allowing the analysis of the platform’s audience and of the marketing performance indicators. They are attributed to each visitor of a webpage. Thus a visitor will be given the same login at each visit and will be only counted once.


Third party

The conversion tracking feature of Google Ads also uses cookies. Entry India uses these cookies to help us track sales and other conversions from ads. It adds a cookie to a person's computer when the person clicks an ad. 

Online payment

Third party

These are cookies set up by our payment partner, allowing online purchases.

Entry India

Entry India

These cookies allow us to know where our users come from.

For Statistics

Entry India

These cookies are set by Entry India in order to show you the right information and personalize customer experience.


Third party

These are cookies set up by Facebook. Because we don’t have any  control over Facebook’s process to collect information, we suggest you to see their confidentiality policy directly.


Third party

These are cookies set up by Linkedin. Because we don’t have any  control over Linkedin’s process to collect information, we suggest you to see their confidentiality policy directly.


Third party

These are cookies set up by Twitter. Because we don’t have any  control over Twitter’s process to collect information, we suggest you to see their confidentiality policy directly.


How to Clear or Delete Cookies?

In the case you oppose the use of these cookies, we suggest you to deactivate them so that they are prevented from being stored or set-up on your device. The way to deactivate the cookies is different from browser to browser. The process to deactivate cookies from the browsers like Chrome, Firefox is given below.

Firefox: Choose Tools > Options > Privacy setting > un-check Allow cookies.

Google Chrome: On your computer, open Chrome > At the top right, click More > Click More tools Clear browsing data > At the top, choose a time range > Click Clear data.

For other browsers like Edge, Safari, etc., we suggest you to read the details browser’s help section and follow the steps shown there.


Change in the Use of Cookies

Any change in the use of cookies will be subject to an update clearly identified on this page. Changes to the policy here could be made anytime and so to keep yourself aware of how we are using cookies, you must visit this page regularly and decide for yourself if you want to browse Entry India’s site or not,

For any kind of information, please