Cell Phone Service at Delhi Airport - Stay Connected

Entry India's 'STAY CONNECTED' service delivers a fully activated Cell Phone at the Delhi Airport (Indira Gandhi International Airport) or at the place of your stay in Delhi NCR. 

Cell phone service is essential for anyone traveling anywhere in this world, especially India. You have two options: 1) Either bring your own phone and use the service as offered by your service provided in your home country, or 2) Bring your cell phone, as long as it uses SIM card, it is frequency unlocked and it is tri-band and then for service subscribe to a local service.

In the 1st option above, the cost for sure will be high but then there is no hassle since you are carrying your own device and using your own service. In the 2nd option, though, you need to sign-up for a local service after you land in India.

It is extremely convenient to sign-up for cellphone service in India as there are hundreds of locations, in any major Indian city, from where you can subscribe to the cellphone service. The service is extremely cheap when compared with services in any other part of the world, including US.

If you are landing at Delhi Airport, then you can subscribe to the cellphone service at the airport itself before you exit. Airtel is a service provider at the Delhi Airport. The cellphone service provider will make a copy of your passport, of your Indian visa, take a picture of yours, the local address where you will be staying.

Alternatively, Entry India has created a premium customized STAY CONNECTED cell phone service, especially for foreign nationals landing at Delhi Airport.

Send us an email at info@entryindia.com if you want to know more about it.