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Bloomberg Global Business Forum

Hosted by: Bloomberg

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 7:30am to 3:00pm
New York City

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After a year of profound political shocks to the post-World War II economic order, in which globalization itself has been under siege, how do business leaders chart a clear path forward? How can leaders from business and government create a more transparent, equitable and sustainable framework for the global economy? And, crucially, how can political leaders, working closely with global CEOs and other business leaders, construct a new multilateral economic order to solve challenges that led to the unraveling of so many twentieth-century assumptions and institutions?

These critical questions and others inform the agenda of the Bloomberg Global Business Forum, an unprecedented convening of many of the most significant world leaders and international CEOs ever assembled in a single day. Building on the success of Bloomberg’s historic 2014 and 2016 U.S.-Africa Business Forums, this new conference expands the discussion to a global level with leadership from every continent.

At the Bloomberg Global Business Forum, hosted during UN General Assembly week in New York, this community will work together, through on-the-record mainstage discussions and private bilateral and multilateral meetings, to address the most pressing economic issues facing us today: how to create sustained job and economic growth while encouraging technological innovations; the need for new international trade and immigration policies; how cities and nations must redouble their effort to confront the urgent crisis of climate change; and how to drive economic opportunity and prosperity while reducing inequality in the twenty-first century and beyond.

To solve these and other challenges requires focused global leadership, new and innovative partnerships between government and business, and sustained, targeted investment in critical sectors and economies throughout the world.

Participation at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum is by invitation only.