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Making Phone Calls in India

Submitted by Navin Pathak on Wed, 07/05/2017 - 8:29pm.

One confusion that many foreigners whom I have met in India faces is when they make phone calls - using their cell phone and using a landline. This is because not only there is a difference in the number of digits in a cell phone as opposed to a landline in India, but what numbers to press before the actual 'telephone number' also differs when making a phone call using a cell phone and using a landline.

Here, I am taking an example to show you how to make phone calls when in India and also sharing a link to a site from where you can get the telephone code for any city in India.

Now lets say that you are in Delhi, whose telephone code is '011', and you want to call people who are in 1) Delhi, 2) any other city in India, and 3) international. Here, the assumption is that you are using a cell phone to make the call.

  • Calling cell phone in Delhi: number
  • Calling landline in Delhi: 011-number
  • Calling cell phone in other cities in India: 0-number
  • Calling landline in other cities in India: 0-city code-number
  • Calling international numbers: 001-country code-number

City Codes:

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