ENTRY INDIA Guide brings together at one place all the practical information that Foreign companies and NRIs need to benefit from India’s growth story.

It is based on a simple observation: "Doing business in India can be challenging for anyone especially for an unprepared outsider".  Access to timely, practical and reliable information is the key to creating business success in India. Entry India’s goal is to prepare Foreign companies and NRIs thoroughly with all aspects of doing business with India before, during, and after their India initiative.  For instance –

  • Where can I find relevant information on investing in India?
  • I am a US based company and how ‘Make in India’ initiative, by India’s PM Mr. Modi, can assist me setting up my business in India.
  • I am a foreign Citizen and can I open a company in India?
  • How do I launch my product in Indian market?
  • Where can I lodge my complaint about the investments I made in a project in India?
  • Is there any travel advisory in coming to India?
  • How do I find recommended professional service providers like a tour operator, lawyer, accountant, architect, printing press, event manager, etc?
  • Where can I set-up my office for 2 people in Delhi?
  • And much-much more

Rather than providing definite answers regarding the procedures, time and costs, which will change from year to year, involved for performing most essential steps for doing business in India, we have provided resources that handle these in the most effective manner. In addition, the subject matter experts, who can help you navigate the unchartered waters, are also recommended . These experts are experienced in handling not only 'hard aspects' of business execution such as filing legal forms and obtaining necessary permissions for your business but also with 'soft aspects' such as business and cultural norms, flexible time commitments, hiring and firing of the employees and creating lasting and profitable relationships.

To browse the online DELHI SPECIAL edition of the guide, CLICK HERE.

ENTRY INDIA Guide for other cities including Bengaluru and Mumbai will soon be launched and added here.