Connecting Businesses with Opportunities in India
Projects are segregated into the following categories:

1. Business Projects.
  • Manufacturers who are looking for distributors in India or USA or any other part in the world
  • Franchisors who are looking for investor franchisees
  • Companies that are looking for Joint Venture partners in India or want to sell their business

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2. Internship Projects - 'Apprentice'
  • These projects are submitted by NRI's (Non-Resident Indians) especially for students in Indian colleges.
  • Colleges ensure that the projects are delivered by assigned students within stipulated time period.
  • On successful completion of the project, students are awarded the completion certificate by the project owner.

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List of Internship Projects

Develop and Deploy Digital Marketing Strategies

Project Status: Open

Digital Marketing Interns will play a critical role in developing, supporting and delivering an integrated digital marketing campaigns and social media strategies to achieve the company’s goal of increasing 'users' on our portal and increase 'interaction'. This includes the day to day operations of the company’s social media outlets and facilitating relationships with external partners to deliver innovative campaigns and solutions.

The interns will work closely with internal leadership and technology teams to manage the ever-evolving roadmap.

The essential functions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Must have worked with Google Analytics
  • Develop and deploy the digital strategies to deepen consumer engagement and profitability using defined digital channels, including SEO, social media, display ads, direct mail, etc.
  • Track performance of active campaigns daily
  • Deliver effective digital marketing creatives
  • Create new in-house marketing emails and content.
  • Maintain and upgrade company website graphics and content
  • Have understanding of Google Adwords (optional but highly desirable)

Intern must be a Creative thinker with excellent comprehension, writing and oral communication skills

Website Development and Search Engine Optimization

Project Status: Assigned

- create India website for
- mobile is focus and attractive a must, preferably on video, visuals - and for Gen-Z
- create subdomains for the Japan, Dutch and Suriname websites
- SEM /SEO analysis, implementing improvements

Create Brand Story that Indian Consumers Can Relate To

Project Status: Assigned
  • Effectiveness; review brand message, plans, strategize focus, advise on execution
  • Define storytelling, support with visual
  • For a to build ‘.in’ website: identify India influencers, stakeholders; what celebs relay with our message, causes/purpose to support for our demographic(s)
  • Advise on what to translate, cultural adept, execute translation

Marketing Research

Project Status: Assigned
  • Identify trade stakeholders, review blueprints retail and distribution
  • Identify, analyze and advise on targets/partnerships, with engagement /education as driving factors: patients/foodies forums, organizations, nutritionists, md’s
  • What India based organizations could benefit from working with us? Is there a ‘win-win’ option?
  • Research grants / funding; ngo

Develop Virtual Assistance for Website

Project Status: Assigned

Create virtual assistant for website, define specs, define FAQ, identify content issues, test and release

Mobile App development

Project Status: Assigned

- Create, test & execute app for and/or
- define functionality, best in class, with an open eye whether or not the app can replace website
- identify a function that has a competitive edge, and can trigger media attention
- test/evaluate pilot app with customers, improve and release

To build a simple ScreenCast Content Viewer Software

Project Status: Completed

Market Need
Screencasts are digital recordings of a computer screen, and can include elements such as audio narration, slide presentations or other media. Screencasts are a cost-effective way of providing engaging videos to train end users and customers on the Internet.

Despite a host of tools and vendors in this market segment, one essential tool for the producers seems to be missing. If the screencast producers are to utilize multiple sources of content during recording of the lesson (for example, presenting a variety of OER documents, audio and video media etc), they need a tool to organize and present the material seamlessly during the presentation. This is specially true if they do not want to take the extra step of editing the screencast and inserting additional material off-line (which is both costly and requires special skill).

Description of the Product

Ideally, we will have a 'universal viewer' that can host and display office documents (PowerPoint slides, MS Word, pdf files), Images (jpeg, gif, png), audio (mp3, real or quicktime) and video (flash or mp4). The documents can be present on the user's desktop or they can be located on the Internet.
A planned set of documents (arranged, for example, as a playlist) can be opened in the viewer window as and when needed during the recording. This window is set as the target for recording the screencast. The producer can then focus on the presentation itself rather than looking for each document, opening it with its own viewer and making it as the target of recording. The result will be a seamless screencast without the need of further editing or other steps.

What the Students will do?
The students will first understand and refine what this software should do from the user's perspective. They will research the existence of similar software as a commercial product and as a “open source” project. They will propose an elegant solution for the problem. They will then build and test a prototype for the same.