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Based on a simple analysis of the promises by AAP party, shown below, what would you propose to AAP? (time for some innovation, may be)

  • 500 new schools
  • 20 new colleges
  • 1.5 million CCTV cameras
  • 30,000 new beds to city hospitals
  • 200,000 public toilets

So at an average,

  • a school to be started in every 3.65 days
  • a college to be started in every 91.25 days
  • a CCTV to be installed in every 2 mins
  • 16.4 beds in city hospitals every day
  • a public toilet to be build in every 13 mins

Funding sources: 50% cut in electricity tariff, VAT reduction, free water and free WiFi....
Some of the road-blocks: Delhi police, Land are under Central Government

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The states will be ranked based on these parameters that include the ease in setting up business, registration of property, labor compliance, infrastructure availability, finance and tax issues, inspection reforms and ease in exiting business.

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"IKEA held our hand through the journey — training, counselling and guiding us and our workers at every step," says Zafar Iqbal Ansari, chairman, Eastern Home Industries.Ansari's factory, the one dedicated to IKEA, employs 2,000 people (up from around 100 in 2008-09), 300 of whom are women. The Swedish multinational helped organize training programs for women to make them employable.

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To scale up the trade relationship, President Obama announced $4 billion in government-backed investments and lending to India - $1 billion would be used to finance exports of 'Made-in-America' products, while another $1 billion will be made available to small- and medium-sized enterprises in underserved rural areas of India. Investment worth $2 billion will be committed for renewable energy in India, President Obama told a gathering of 50-odd top business leaders.

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