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Project Status: Open

Milkio is the only exporter of Cow Ghee range from New Zealand.

As they say - NZ is a land of milk & Honey. Good old NZ is still pristine clean, pollution and contamination-free, world-known for it's Quality and Food Safety and Dairy products range. For over 100 years, New Zealand has invested in several natural ways to improve grass species that are optimized for New Zealand farms and local micro-climates helping to keep cows well-fed and producing high volumes of nutritious milk.

Milkio is looking for a partner to enter into India in mostly up-market segments and channels

P.s. Indian border has a high duty on the import of dairy products. So parties need to be mindful of that. Our price is competitive but that duty on the Indian border pushes the landed price up.

The reasons why we are the best are:

  • New Zealand is world famous for its 150 years of dairy expertise: Dairy is New Zealand’s biggest export revenue earner – worth $14 billion a year: we are a secondary dairy producer and we are a part of New Zealand’s dairy legacy.  
  • Dairy Cows are primarily pasture-grazed in New Zealand farms. There is no drought and climate pollution, hence grass quality of the open green pastures is never compromised: we collect our grass fed ghee ingredients from listed farms of New Zealand only
  • No adulteration is allowed in the Milkio grass fed ghee production process
  • In New Zealand, zero pollution is a basic corporate commitment and that reflect in Milkio Grass fed ghee quality
  • New Zealand maintains stringent regulations for quality control for export, so we do at Milkio for our export products and local merchandise
  • Milkio’s Pure Grass Fed Ghee adheres stringent quality control and that is why it is one of the best dairy products in its category.

If you are interested, please share your email and contact number with us.

Looking for distributors of wellness products in India

Project Status: Open

Welltiss d.o.o. is a development and manufacturing company located in European Union, Slovenia. We are looking for a general distributor in the Indian market for our wellness products. We kindly ask for assistance in finding a reliable partner.

The following is a brief description of the products:

- Welltiss

We wanted to introduce you to a new injury recovery wellness product that can really help the athletes to alleviate pain and more quickly recover from sport-related injuries. Welltiss is a portable, easy-to-use PEMF therapy device that can be directly applied to any part of the body. It can run a variety of programs designed to relieve pain, improve sports performance, recover post-workout and regenerate damaged tissue. This FDA approved technology known as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has nearly 50 years of medical/neurological applications and scientifically-proven health benefits. The electromagnetic fields used in PEMF are complementary to the chemistry of the body, which makes it the safest and most natural way to support healing. There are dozens of medical journal studies on how PEMF therapy assists athletic recovery and in speeding up the healing process for soft-tissue injuries and even healing broken bones. Welltiss employs this technology in a special, new device designed for safe use outside of the doctor’s office.

Welltiss device can really help athletes to recover more quickly from injuries, and do so in a safe, medically-proven way while under your care, without the need for additional medical intervention. To learn more, you’re welcome to visit our website, at:

- Welltiss Mind

Welltiss Mind improves sleep, concentration, reduces stress, & more, combining ancient traditions and modern technology.
It uses non-invasive and FDA approved technology to actively influence positive change in your daily life by emitting pulses at specific frequencies, optimized to attain a desired state of mind, at any given moment. This FDA approved technology known as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has nearly 50 years of medical/neurological applications and scientifically-proven health benefits.

Each of the Welltiss Mind’s five mode settings emits extra-low frequency electromagnetic pulses. These pulses gently coax the natural, non-invasive frequencies of your mind and body to speed up or slow down and match your desired mood. Our ability to transition through these frequencies determines how successful we are at managing stress, focusing & getting a good night’s sleep. We’ve adapted this technology to make a product that is wearable daily and affordable to everybody.

Welltiss Mind is here to work with distributors in India to create success.

Project Status: Open

Please see my onion offer below. This are very high quality onion from the USA. Full container is 44,000lbs (19,958kgs). I can mix the container if you want. They are packed in 50lb sacks. Pricing valid for 72 hours as the market is moving fast.

  • Red Jumbo $0.655/kg CIF Nhava Sheva
  • Yellow Jumbo $0.665/kg CIF Nhava Sheva
  • Size is 76.2mm to 95.25mm (3 inches to 3.75 inches)

Lead time shipping from west coast USA 40-45 days.

We are looking for importers of onions in India.

Project Status: Open

Whistler is vintage with a very rich experience in liquor market of India. Whistler has been into manufacturing liquor in India and into retail business of BIO (Bottled In Origin) since more than 2 decades now with a significant market shareholding. As a manufacturer, the products in India are launched at very economical prices.

Whistler caters to the economical and middle class client of India and why not, they comprise 80% + of the total market share.
We are the only company that owns a private custom bonded warehouse in Ludhiana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh and UP. We own the wholesale licenses from various state governments to sell the spirits in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Telangana to supply directly to the wholesalers, liquor stores, hotels, bars and all the licensed vendors.

We have a committed team of professionals based throughout the country which means that our experience is always personal and close at hand. This allows for the best of our collective knowledge to have the greatest impact during every aspect of any order.

Whistler has 3 BIO brands. It owns King David whisky which is currently being produced in the EU. Beer CORE is also being produced in the EU by Whistler and both King David and CORE are being imported into India along with Shotka vodka and Cocoin vodka. All the products have received exemplary response by the Indian clientele.

King David is a luxurious blended whiskey, with a subtle, strong aroma, velvety smoothness and a strongly saturated - amber color.

The base of the eminent quality of our Whiskey is the mineral rich water which is extracted from underground springs, originating from the underland, which flows through the paleogenic sandy subsoil and complements its unique taste. On particular note is the mountain spring water that we use for our production, which has a high mineral content improving the taste of all of our spirits. Our Whiskey comes with a real event having all the hallmarks of a perfect liquor.

CORE Premium Beer:- Brewed with harmonius blend of purdently selected grains for a pristine snooty taste CORE comes with 7.5% alcohol content packaged in 500ml glass bottles for the first time in India.

Vodka remains by some quite significant margin the most widely drunk spirits category in the UK, accounting for over a third of On-Trade spirit sales with over 11million drinkers.*

It is the essence of a spirit at its purest, it does not differentiate itself by the use of barrel aging or age statements. Instead it relies on base ingredients, production techniques and of course effective marketing to create a point of difference.
Cocoin Vodka is incredibly versatile and remains the mainstay of any good spirits range.

It provides the perfect base for many mixed drinks and cocktails, which is reflected in the fact that it accounts for 65% of all spirits volume sold in cocktails.

Project Status: Open

SG and CI iron sand casting manufacturing project.

We are looking for joint venture partner to grow business.

Established in 2019, KELSTON has since been a significant and diligent participant in the producing superior quality castings for many industry. It has shown an astounding growth rate, growing to about 100 times its original size to reach its current capacity of 1000 MT/Yr.

KELSTON has diversified into various other industries to increasingly fulfill their casting needs. Today, KELSTON is one of suppliers of the finest ductile iron and grey iron castings ranging from 1.00 Kg to 250 Kg in weight. Climbing its way up the ladder of competition, KELSTON 's focus continues to be on meeting international standards of quality at competitive prices.

Given the exacting production processes and the distinct identities and attributes of the final product, the Company moved towards accordance with TUV Nord Standards in 2019.

Project Status: Open

Chounk Spices offers you a diverse range of authentic spices from across the country to strike a chord at prices you’ll love.

Chounk Spices is an attempt to take you back to your fondest memories, your aspirations, your roots.

Chounk Spices is your one-stop destination for all spices present in India. We take great pride in presenting a mind-boggling range of exquisite spices. Whether be it South India’s famous Sambhar Masala, North India’s celebrated Paneer Butter Masala or East India’s famed mutton curries. Spices are what set aside your cooking and give it the taste, flavor, color and the fragrance that is your signature style. We, at Chounk Spices, understand the importance of premium quality spices and are a company that is largely known for its unmatched quality of Indian Spices.

FMCG Distributorship for Handmade Soap

Project Status: Open

The Love Co. is the brand name for handmade soaps that are Paraben, Sulphate-free. Our soaps come in unique shapes and are made from organic ingredients.

The Love Co. also has corporate gifting options in the form of beautiful floral soap baskets that are unique and customisable.

In comparison to our competitors in both the national and international markets, every bar is handcrafted and priced economically for the luxury segment.

To make The Love Co. available to different markets we require potential Distributors for Indian and overseas market.

We are looking for distributors, dealers, stockists of soap across India.

Engineering college plus polytechnic for sale

Project Status: Open

A running engineering college along with a polytechnic is available for sale alongwith 68 acres of land and building plus students nearer to karur.

Project Status: Open

Sattviko is appointing distributors all over India.

Join hands with India's fastest growing food company and earn exciting margins.

We are a strong team of Entrepreneurs, backed by top top class investors.

We have a vision of spreading Indianness to 10 million homes globally.

Project Status: Open

We are a leading manufacturer of high-quality, hand-made leather sandals known as Kolhapuri Chappals. With a tremendous demand for high quality Kolhapuri Chappals and the heritage associated with making them dying out, we endeavour to provide these high quality products while preserving the heritage of this art.

We produce products of the highest quality and these products sport eye-catching designs, anti-fungal nature, anti-slip material, are durable in nature and are eco-friendly.

We are looking for sales partner or distributor in US for Handmade Leather Sandals - Kolhapuri Chappals who could sale and distribute our products worldwide.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to your positive response.

Need partners for Start up in Wind Turbine business

Project Status: Open

Are you the one who stand out in the crowd? Have a Dream? … then, Be a part of trend setting Business. Business of our time! Come join hands for a Win-Win deal for the deserving ones who believe in them self.
New concept Wind Turbine.

Already developed & tested with own funds (Myself & Partner).

Now, for the global expansion we are looking for Partners for Startup company formation in wind turbine business. Possible Output is 2 - 6 times & Cost can be less up to 1/10th of the existing ones. As such, business potential US$ 350 Billions. Fast growth.

Minimum investment per Investor – Rs.1Cr (US$150K).

Project Status: Open

We are manufacturer of Ladies Kurti, Tops & Plazzo from Howrah, Kolkata (West Bengal).

We have the best of manpower for quality stitching have our own source of raw material which gives us better edge in terms of price and quality in comparison to our competitors.

We are looking for distributors & wholesellers in India, Nepal & Bhutan.