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Business Partner in a Global Sourcing Company

Project Status: Open

Company Name: Verka Sourcing & Consultancy Private Limited
Country: India
State/City: Delhi
Industry Type: Other
Looking For: Business Partner in US, Europe & Canada
Name: Shiv Charan

Project Summary:

Hello Everyone,

I am running a Global Sourcing Company - in India , having team in India , China , Vietnam , Thailand. We are looking for supply Chain Consulting companies in US, Europe & Canada to support them in Asia.

Project Tags: Supply Chain Consulting


Looking forward to hear detail plans
I am interested to understand about this offering. I am an US citizen. contact me at Thank you.
International Sourcing Specialist
I've been working since three years at a Saudi company's branch in Egypt, and after less than a year of my working period, I was selected by the company to go to the US to attend SelectUSA2016 summit, in order to complete our study for having a branch for the company in USA, and becoming the head of this branch. I'm so much willing to cooperate with you, whether by becoming an employee at your esteemed company or working for you as a freelancer from my location here in Egypt. But, kindly be informed that my experience is not limited to any market ( including Egypt), as it's a global experience, as I have dealt a lot with Europe, USA and FarEast; besides dealing with the Middle East and Egypt, and finalized P.O's and P.I's as well.
Lets get connected
Thanks for your interest .Please share your detail profile on my email id : -

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