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Distributors of Ayurvedic products in India

Project Status: Open

Company Name: Amvetcure pharma
Country: India
State/City: Maharashtra
Industry Type: Healthcare
Looking For: Distributor for ayurvedic products in maharashtra region
Name: Ashutosh singh

Project Summary:

We are loooking for distributors of Ayurvedic products in India.

We offers a wide range of veterinary pharmaceuticals in powder, suspension, oral solution, injectables, sachet, paste and bolus forms.

All products are supplied in suitable dosage / combination and in desired pack sizes.

The company also offers customized products as per customer requirements .

Amvetcure Pharma is a pioneering company dedicated to the development of  innovative technologies for the control of viral diseases in livestock, with antiviral drugs for respiratory disease complexes and innovative vaccines for viral infections in swine leading the pipeline

Project Tags: Ayurvedic, healthcare


Please share mail id

Sorry for delay in replying
Can u share mail I'd so I can share more details about our product
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Interested for Delhi and NCR, Chandigarh

Hi, Please share more information via email.


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