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Distributors Partners for Mush Bamboo Towels, Socks and T Shirts

Project Status: Open

Company Name: Mush Textile Pvt Ltd
Country: India
State/City: Gujarat
Industry Type: Manufacturing
Looking For: Distributor in USA, UK & Europe
Name: Ayush Agarwal

Project Summary:

Mush is a premium brand dealing with Bamboo textile and associated products with a vision to replace cotton with bamboo fibres due to its numerous performance and ecological benefits.

Mush currently manufactures and retails Bamboo Towels, Socks and T shirts across different regions.
The fabric made out of Bamboo is ultra soft, absorbent, anti bacterial and eco friendly. Hence Bamboo fibres are much superior to cotton in terms of performance and feel.

We are looking to expand our presence in international markets with distributors across the globe.

Project Tags: Bamboo textile, Towels, T shirt, Socks



Hi Ayush, interested for Canada Market.Please email me.

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