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Indian Whiskey Manufacturer looking for Distributors in India and Abroad

Project Status: Open

Company Name: Nature Essence breweries & Distilleries Private Limited
Country: India
State/City: Uttar Pradesh
Industry Type: Manufacturing
Looking For: Super Distributorship and franchise in India and abroad
Name: Surjit Singh

Project Summary:

Nature Essence breweries & Distilleries Private Limited
In addition to many of our own successful, firmly rooted Indian brands, today our corporate portfolio includes important internationally distributed brands.

The success of our RIF RAF HERRBAL VINTAGE WHISKY exemplarily confirms our initiatives. In addition to other prestigious herb-flavoured., RAF HERRBAL VINTAGE WHISKY at one time known only in its homeland in U K & Haryana NOW AVILABLE IN YOUR STATE. Its consumers appreciate its authenticity and down-to-earth nature on the one hand and convincing product quality on the other.

We are proud of what we have achieved but our story did not unfold overnight. We have humbly grown over the years from being a small and simple area-based operation in the state U K to a modern full-fledged alcohol beverages producing (manufacturing) facility providing for the needs of consumers all over INDIA. Along the way, we have always operated with an open mind, and learnt from failures and successes, to always strive to produce the best beverages as we look forward to obtaining our Quality Assurance.

Our objective is to preserve the uniqueness of each brand, and also to continually support brands with innovations.

We have grown from just producing and selling herbal liquor beverages to the production of a wide variety of flavored alcoholic beverages. We are a family-owned business, dedicated to perfecting the art of our business.

All our products are the result of intensive research and development in formulating the ingredients and blend, for each product to own its unique taste, flavor and aroma of 22 rare herbs. Our constant challenge is to evolve with the market and consumers, to identify taste trends and to formulate and produce innovative products to meet the changing lifestyle and expectations.

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I am having prior experience in sales
I am having prior experience in 10 years sales experience and interested in selling your product on ditributor rates
Kindly Send your mobile number so that we can discuss regarding the subjects Regards Rajesh Sharma 8130185979
Enquiry for Franchise for Greater Noida
sir i am interested in your project to start it in Greater Noida .. please contact me @ 9810136373
Regarding business
I want to know about the business Mobile no 6261288618
i am interested
Dear sir i am interested to take franchise from you my place is Hyderabad i would like to introduce your product to here kindly send me details as soon as possible
sir i am intersted in your
sir i am intersted in your projact . . i wants whole franchisee of rajasthan .. please contact me @ 8239968677
I am intersted. Please share the required credentials so that we can move for other procedings.. Thank you
What are your current sales for the product you seek distributors for? What will be the distributor margin?

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