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Looking for Investor or Partner to expand business in eCommerce and Retail Outlets

Project Status: Open

Company Name: Nauticalmart Inc
Country: India
State/City: Uttarakhand
Industry Type: Manufacturing
Looking For: Investor, Partner for our eCommerce and retail outlets worldwide
Name: Sajid Rasool

Project Summary:

We are an eCommerce seller for last 26 years with a turnover of $4 Million in USA having nautical and medieval products our main categories.

We are having more than 25000 products and at present 14000 live products on Since our inception, we have been striving to attain expertise in the field of engineering premium quality products

Our main products are 

  • Antique nautical items
  • Marine gifts
  • Telescopes
  • Diving helmets
  • Telegraph
  • Anchor
  • Handicraft items
  • Brass art ware
  • Repelica nauticals and decorative nautical antiques.In our expansion plan we are on a lookout of investor or partner for eCOmmerce and retail outlets worldwide.

NauticalMart is World's largest manufacturing Company for Nautical Gifts in India. We are Manufacturing all nautical and sea gifts since 1971 and having more than 200 buyers Worldwide.

IOTC Armoury is World's Largest and fastest manufacturing company for armours in India. We have expertise in Antique Replica, Medieval Gifts, Reenactment replica and costumes, Ancient, Militaria, Collectible, Roman and Greek armoury,  swords,daggers,shields,weapons, chainmails and Lorica armors. We have more than 350 customers Worldwide for our armoury collection and selling to both Wholesalers and retailers.

We are exporting 100% of our products  and most of our buyers are buying regularly for last couple of decades.

Project Tags: marine gifts, brass ware, telescopes, Greek armoury, swords, daggers, shields, weapons


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