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Mobile App for On-Demand Services Looking for Partners or Investors

Project Status: Open

Company Name: E I Corporate Services Pvt Ltd.
State/City: Delhi
Industry Type: IT - Mobile Technology
Looking For: Investors, Joint Venture Partners, Licensors
Name: Neo Pathak

Project Summary:

Established in 2016, this start-up with its team of technologists from India and US designed and developed a platform (mobile app) that can cater to any On-Demand solution that a service provider wants to offer.

In 2017, the company started full operations with implementing the App in real world scenario of getting Drivers on-Demand.

With customization, this platform can cater to any other on-demand service for example maid-on-demand, tutor-on-demand, mechanic-on-demand

You can partner with us to start business in any part of India or the world. Example: do you want to start business in Chandigarh or Indore, or Lucknow or Jaipur or Hyderabad or any city of India? Partner with us, become a business owner in your city.

We are looking for:

  1. Partners who may want to invest in us for an active partnership
  2. Companies who want to license the technology
  3. Investors (including Companies) that may want to buy the whole platform

We are open for work with anyone from any part of the world.

For a complete business success, other than using the latest technology framework currently in the market, business intelligence, reporting and integrated marketing features are implemented for transparency to both users and drivers. 

3 apps included

  1. Client: iOS and Android
  2. Driver: Android
  3. Operations: Android.
    • Operations is managed through web as well.

Write your contact details in email below and will get in touch with you.

Project Tags: Mobile Platform, Investors, Franchisee


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An App Like Uber
Estimate for making Uber App
I have a Project to be developed
I want to develop an app in travel space
test2 to bsk
Details required
Please share details as travel space is huge.
Details required
Mr. Pathak, can you share more details - number of drivers associated with you, number of rides done so far, any business reporting you are capturing, expansion plan, etc. Thanks, Veer
Details required Check - which email to 1) Author (comments posted on your post), 2) Veer (reply to your comment), and 3) to Raja (approval)
Good day we kindly request you to work with us.We are South African Based Company also in IT Industry
Your interest in DRIKU Mobile App for On-Demand services
Hi Samson, Good Day. Great to know that your company is also in IT industry. Please share how you would like to work with us. Thank you.

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