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List of Business Projects

Project Status: Open


PARENTNashik is a brand of the Paramount Enterprises, based at Nashik- India, which is emerging very fast on the map of Indian resistance spot welding Industry. We are in the spot welding consumables, spare business for the last 15 years and have penetrated the Indian market thoroughly. Our spot welding copper WeldParts & electrical 3D busbar products have already made a presence all over the world.

We have the most innovative techniques and process to make spot welding electrodes, shank, holder gun arm & flexible shunt for spot welding gun and robotics welding.

Our expert panel and R&D department include the professional from the welding industry who have hands-on experience in developing the best portable rocker arm welder weld parts spare, projection welding with elkonite electrodes. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified Company maintaining Quality Management System.

Our brand “PARENTNashik” is India’s leading & most trusted brand approved in the European & American market. Our spot, projection & seam welding products are having magnificent properties of copper alloy with matching international standard norms, and quick delivery with competitive price is our USP.

Our products are well accepted in quality conscious markets of the USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, etc. We are presently exporting our products to more than 10 countries.

We are looking for foreign companies interested to Joint Venture with us for manufacturing activities or sub-contracting with us.

Project Status: Open

Soybean is the richest source of nutrients especially protein and fat. In addition to the rich nutrients, soybean has other beneficial compounds such as phytosterols, lecithin, saponins, and phenolic acids. Soy protein has a number of health benefits such as, cancer prevention, cholesterol reduction, combating osteoporosis, and menopause regulation. Soy foods are rich in anticarcinogens, particularly isoflavones. Human epidemiological studies suggest that as little as one serving of soy foods each day may be protective against many types of cancer, including cancers of the lung, colon, rectum, stomach, prostate, and breast. For the past 30 years, investigators have shown that consumption of soy protein selectively decreases total and LDL (bad) cholesterol and maintains HDL (good) cholesterol in individuals with elevated normal blood cholesterol levels. In support of the various research findings.
The business opportunity: The company is manufacturing in 5 flavors

• Salted Soyanuts-
• Flavoured Soynuts- Peri-peri
• Flavoured Soynuts-Minty pudina
• Flavoured Soynuts- Masala
• Flavoured Soynuts- Mexican Salsa

Interested individuals or corporate companies can buy in bulk and repack on their own brand to market.

Individuals can start with about Rs.25.00 lakhs as project cost to repack 200 kgs per day in 15 grams or 25 grams pouches.

This product is 15 grams pouch ( which is equal to 1 egg) can be distributed in the school Mid Day meal program by state governments also as a healthy snack product.
Those who are in export business can also consider exports.

If interested anyone get private labeled consumer pouches from the manufacturer.

District wise and/or state wise distributors, repackers wanted in entire India

Interested can contact immediately


Project Status: Open

Swarna Oil Gas and Power formerly known as Swarna Oil and Gas Field Pte Ltd (SOAGF), is established with a commitment and goal to achieve the best solution for oil and gas industries. It specializes in oil and gas to avail the customers to purchase the best quality oilfield equipment with the shortest delivery time.

Our product covers a wide range are.

  • Blowout Preventer (BOP) and accessories
  • Handling tools
  • Mud pump
  • Tubular products
  • Downhole Tools
  • Valves
  • Drill pipe

Most of these products are in stock. We are specialized supply oilfield and drilling equipment and we are Singapore based.

We are looking for partner from India to work with to jointly supply equipment to Indian government E-tenders.

Manufacturing company looking for Joint Venture Partner

Project Status: Open

Pioneer in Instrumentation, General Instruments Consortium (GIC) is the largest and the oldest manufacturer and engineering solution provider for Pressure, Temperature and Level and Flow instrumentation, since 1966. In 5 decades of our operations, GIC has emerged as engineering solution providers capable to designing and re-designing the products to meet critical process applications in onshore and offshore industries worldwide.

We are looking to get into a joint venture with a foreign company in the manufacturing of industrial instrumentation field who is thinking of investing in India.

  •     Our goal for achieving this joint venture is the following-
  •     Get technology expertise to move into forward or backward integration.
  •     Diversify product range.
  •     Increase market penetration in foreign markets
  •     Get associated with a good brand name who is registered with most of the process controlled industries

We are flexible with the CAPEX requirement and will decide when the opportunity presents itself.

Project Status: Open

Stainless Steel, Heat Resistant Steel sand casting manufacturing project.

We are looking for a joint venture partner to grow business. We are looking for a Joint venture with OEMs and partners abroad who can source us the local requirements.

Established in 2003, Secan is a foundry specializing in the manufacture of high-performance steels and alloys. It provides high added-value engineering services and offers solutions in a whole range of industrial sectors. With over 20 years of industrial activity, SECAN designs manufacture installs and advises on steel products of great quality and technology geared towards CEMENT industries operating conditions of High Heat Resistance, high abrasion, corrosion, and impact, temperature and oxidation.

SECAN has diversified into various other industries to increasingly fulfill their casting needs. Today, SECAN is one of the suppliers of the best quality stainless steel and heat resistant castings ranging from 10 Kg to 1500 Kg in weight. Climbing its way up the ladder of competition, SECAN 's focus continues to be on meeting international standards of quality at competitive prices.

Given the exacting production processes and the distinct identities and attributes of the final product, the Company is certified with ISO 9001:2015 with PED Certified and in process of getting certified for ISO 45001: 2018, ISO 14001: 2015.

Our current annual tonnage capacity is 2500MT.

Jaggery manufacturer looking for distributors in India

Project Status: Open

We are the Manufacturers of Pure Punjabi Jaggery & Jaggery Powder and are looking for distributors in India.
Jaggery or “Gur” is a traditional, unrefined, wholesome sugar. In India, Jaggery is a traditional product of sugarcane. It can be defined as a honey brown colored raw lump. Jaggery is made in a natural way and during its processing, it does not lose its original properties. It contains the natural goodness of minerals and vitamins inherently present in sugarcane juice. This crowns it as one of the most wholesome and healthy sugars in the world.


  • The presence of fiber helps in treating constipation and acidity.
  • Possess a moderate amount of calcium phosphorous & zinc which helps in purification of blood and disorder of bile.
  • Contains magnesium & potassium.
  • An ayurvedic medicine treating cough & throat
  • Rich in iron, increases hemoglobin level
  • Offers plentiful of nutrients, minerals & vitamins.
Project Status: Open

DP TRADE IMPEX is looking for importers and distributors in India for their Macedonian products
1. Famous Macedonian broken Rice
2. Raw Tobacco
3. Natural Honey
4. Confectionery items
5. Marble
6. Dairy items - High-quality Milk, Cheese
7. Pickled Vegetables, sauces, etc.
8. Wine & Beverage items
Serious Parties kindly contact at the information given.
Thank you,
Paritosh Sharma
North Macedonia, Europe

Project Status: Open

A Running certified bottled water Business looking for Joint Venture partner or Channel Partner for Distribution of certified bottled water across karnataka.

All requisite license guidance will provided by the Company.

Company automated Bottling Plant is Located at Marthahalli (Bangalore)

Some Unique things about of Business Model are :-

  • Contract packing arrangement with clients brand name and requisite MRP
  • Private labelling under institutional sale concept with clients source brand name with requisite MRP
Project Status: Open

Rohi Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is a systems integrator and business transformation media consulting firm focused on the media & communications industry.

Rohi Enterprises Pvt Ltd. is an international management consultancy, with a network of partners across the countries and a strong focus on Central Asia. We are experts in strategic consulting and operational performance improvements of private and public sector companies.

Our consultants have unique practical experience in assisting many organizations to navigate competing demands of the modern world by developing media, publicity branding strategies for sustainable growth, fueling innovation and transforming entire organizational systems, reducing operational cost and improving customer service. We are experienced in implementing these strategies in global corporations and government-led organizations.

Project Status: Open

Kervan Gida is looking for distributors in India to introduce sugar confectionery products to the Indian market. 

Kervan Gida Vision:
To become one of the 5 largest soft sugar producers in the world in 2023.

Kervan Gida Mission:
To grow, produce, and manage resources in a way that creates value for stakeholders by giving importance to the environment and the development of employees while strengthening brands with knowledge and experience in the sector.

Project Status: Open

Prayog Industries Pvt. Ltd. (PIPL) specialize in manufacturing customized products for engineering sector is looking for partner and investors in India.

Railway, Metro, OEM, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Modular Kitchen & Waste Management. Prayog undertakes onsite execution for special heat retardant paints for commercial and residential projects across the country.

Our Plant & Machinery :

  • CNC Laser cutting machine
  • CNC Bending machine & Press machine
  • TIG /MIG Welding facility
  • Polishing facility .

We have dedicated Design & Engineering team with Quality control system along with ISO 9001-2015 & EN-15085-2 Quality system* Our team strives for delivering best on time quality products. 

Project Status: Open

It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as a Pioneers of 100% Herbal Additive Manufacturers for Petrol, Diesel, Furnace Oil, LDO, LSHS, Naphtha, Methanol, Ethanol, BIO Ethanol Additive, BIO Diesel.

The application and Usage are Multipurpose. Our Product is guaranteed to perform in all weather conditions, The results are remarkable and outstand the other Fuel Additive which is not herbal but chemical-based.
We are also a manufacturer of oils & lubricants. Please visit our website for more details.

We have four brands. We are appointing dealers & distributors for specific areas for each brand. Our brands are as follows.
• Gamol
• Bio mileager
• Penwel
• Interline

We are looking for financially sound & dynamic person to join our growing business. He should able to appoint dealers/resellers in his region. He needs to cater to industries also.

  • The minimum investment is Rs.5,00,000/- per brand.
  • We will provide you marketing & technical support 24/7.

Please feel free to contact us in case of any queries.