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US Manufacturer of High-end Skincare product looking for Distributor in India

Project Status: Open

Company Name: SULA NYC
Country: USA
State/City: New York
Industry Type: Cosmetic
Looking For: Distributors in India
Name: Wim Reinders

Project Summary:

Looking for Distributor in India for our our organic and natural, vegan, skincare and lifestyle brand:

Our products are:

  • cruelty free, never tested on animals and vegan.
  • USDA organic certified, Leaping Bunny and Peta accredited.

Distributor in India must be:

  • Experienced, successful distributor with high-end skincare / cosmetic line, sharing most of our eco-ethical values
  • Retail concept of stores -for the sensory experience-  as well as internet presence
  • Social Media engagement, especially for Gen-Z, Millennials, Vegan, and informed customers. Proven campaign concepts and influencer support
  • Effective infrastructure

Basically: proof of concept. Honesty, transparency and passion to deliver are key.

Project Tags: Cosmetics


India marketing
I am Rahul Joshi from SMJ Consultant, working with multi national to set up and expand business in India. Currently working with 2 US based companies and 1 from Europe catering to government and private sector in Defence, oil and gas, Railway etc along with their vendors/ Consultant and end users through distribution network. I do technical and marketing stuff and commercial done by distribution. Currently working for cosmetics products/ Argan oils and Trail mix and Nutrition bars marketing with distribution allotment and 4 year growth Plans. Total experience of 16 years and with these companies 4 years. I can provide such services if your organization looking for expansion in India or nearby countries. I would be looking forward to hearing from you. Warm regards, Rahul Joshi 9823534191
Business in India
I am a management consultant with 16 years of experience with Fmcg products. I can help you establish the distribution network pan india with the right distribution partners. Do let me know if you are interested. Thank you.
Distributor in India
Hello I offer business development services between India and the USA. With a background of 35 years in developing and building markets, I offer services to support from search, due diligence, negotiations, contracts, compliances until the successful operations of the business. I believe you could either collaborate with an established manufacturer who may find your range of products add value to their portfolio. Alternatively you could engage a distributor having the capacity to seed, develop and build your market. Kindly review my profile You could reach me at+919717341200. I shall be happy to take this conversation forward. Regards. Prabhat Sinha
looking for an opportunity to do business with you by being a distributor in Nepal
distribution in Nepal
Dear Ravi Gupta, Thank you for your email. We have not yet considered Nepal, but definitely are interested. So may I kindly request to provide some information on your ideas for distrbution, and your experience in the sector? Experience is a plus, but it's all about the plan and the partner; it has to be a good match. kind regards, wim reinders
Distributorship in Nepal
Thank you for your response. kindly share us your product details and official websites. we are currently engaged in distribution of medicines through a retail shop. we have an a warehouse of larger space at the heart of the city of Nepal. thanks and regards
websites information
Dear Ravi Gupta, has information on our premium natural skin care products, and our bestsellers are the scented body oils and face serums, both superb moisturizers, especially when the environment is tough on skin. vegan, animal cruelty free and sustainable sourced. we started, showcasing world's best vegetable oil, high in Omega's, antioxidants and Vitamin E. It is a super tasty and healthy oil, USDA organic, with great health benefits, that could complement your medicine portfolio product lines. In the blogs on both websites please find scientific studies demonstrating the benefits . Or visit a website of independent scholars for info on one of our ingredients, argan oil. we are on most social media platforms, sell mostly through the internet and in specialty stores, f.i. in the USA, Japan , Suriname and the Netherlands. Our positioning is high-end, in the premium segment and to informed customers.
Distributorship for delhi
kindly connect on mail with details
Dear Dhruv Goyal What kind of details are you looking for? In an ideal world, we prefer not to incorporate in India, hence the business model of partnering. best regards wim reinders wim reinders
Distributorship for delhi
Details such as investment, profit margin, market outreach. Kindly connect at directly


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