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US Manufacturer Looking for Distributor of Culnary Argan Oil in Inda

Project Status: Open

Company Name: SULA NYC
Country: USA
State/City: New York
Industry Type: FMCG, Food
Looking For: Distributors in India
Name: Wim Reinders

Project Summary:

100% Organic Culinary Argan Oil: VIRGIN, COLD PRESSED

  • Our 100% Pure Extra Virgin Argan oil is derived from the fruits of the Argania Spinosa tree, found only in Morocco. Once roasted to perfection, we cold-press the kernels to preserve integrity and quality of the oil.
  • It is 100% USDA-Certified

This 100% organic product has plenty of advantages over virgin olive oil. It is packed with Vitamin E, Omeg-3 fatty acids, and is high in antioxidants. Culinary Argan Oil is known to lower cholesterol and improve the elasticity of the skin. It also helps fight against cardiovascular disease, menopause, and prostate cancer.


Finding Distributor in India:

For Culinary Argan oil (easily double or triple the price of olive oil) we feel different distributor profiles can work together to create the most effective to the path to success.

As there is enormous quality difference in culinary argan oil, and prices can vary from $30 to $ 200 per liter, our relation with our Indian partner has to based on mutual trust, as the proprietary information on the best quality argan oil has to be disclosed to effectively target the market.

Some roads to partnership we consider:

  1. Establish relation with independent importers / distributors of vegetable oil (HS15), especially Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They have the basic knowledge of the properties of edible oils, and the distribution network, but must be independent
  2. Retailers with specialty stores, catering to restaurants, foodies, expats, chefs, nutritionists etc.
  3. Creatives with an entrepreneurial drive: to start our movement on tasty and healthy food, with a support system to commercialize this movement into retail concepts for food and or health  (with webshops)

We have research data on trade, trends and tariffs, import data we would like to discuss, to assess the best partner profile.

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Distributors in India
Hello I offer business development services between India and the USA. With a background of 35 years in developing and building markets, I offer services to support from search, due diligence, negotiations, contracts, compliances until the successful operations of the business. I believe you could either collaborate with an established manufacturer who may find your range of products add value to their portfolio. Alternatively you could engage a distributor having the capacity to seed, develop and build your market. Kindly review my profile You could reach me at+919717341200. I shall be happy to take this conversation forward. Regards. Prabhat Sinha
Details required
Hi Wim, where is the argan oil manufactured? in US or in Morocco? Thank you
Argan oil. can only be produced - by law-
in Morocco. hi Ravish, The Government in morocco is very strict and does not allow the export of argan seeds or plants. So we import argan oil, check certification and test, before bottling, all within the USDA organic certification. So mde in Morocco when it is used as single ingredient product. But for our skin care line, where we use argan as ingredient. like for our scented body moisturizers, we manufacture in NYC. We are made in NYC accredited.The soaps are made in Suriname and our Home Fragrance Collection in Europe. Very best, wim
Cost of distribution in India
Wim, so the oil will first be imported from Morocco to USA and from there to India. In this case the oil cost more both to us, the distributors, and also to the end consumer. Going directly to the manufacturer makes more sense to us if we were to take on the distribution in India.
avoiding costs
That would be an option, for pure oils only, to bottle in India. But besides economy of scale shipping, various duties- we have a tax treaty- also certification is relevant: in order to maintain certification, we need to set up a handling facility. Any how. Ravish, we are open explore any and all avenues. very best, wim

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