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US Manufacturer of Portable Emissions Analyzer looking for Distributors in India

Project Status: Open

Company Name: Enerac
Country: USA
State/City: New York
Industry Type: Manufacturing
Looking For: Distributor Partner
Name: Bill Dascal Jr.

Project Summary:
History: Enerac invented the first electronic electro-chemical portable emissions analyzer back in 1979. We have sold over 25,000 units since that time. We were the first brand to get the Federal EPA  to accept readings from an electro-chemical analyzer with ref method ctm-022
What Makes Enerac the Better Choice over the Others?
  • Only unit made in a metal case
  • Only brand that services every unit that we have ever made
  • 4 year unit warranty
  • One on one relationship (to the other brands you are just an account #
  • No Charge Loaners even after the warranty is over
  • We take trade ins (even on other brands)
  • First brand to come out with Blue-tooth
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Enerac 700 SEM sensors (no other brand has these sensors)
  • True hand Held Nox Analyzer (No & No2 & Thermo-cooler)
  • Made in the USA


  1. Enerac 500
    • A Hand Held Combustion-Efficiency & Emissions Monitoring System
    • Weight 3 pounds
    • Measures O2, CO2,No, No2,So2,CO, Combustibles,Draft, Ambient & Stack Temp, Computes Combustion Efficiency.
  2. Enerac 700
    • Hand-held Analyzer weighs less than 7 lbs.
    • SEM Sensor modules for CO, NO, NO2, & SO2
    • NDIR (Infrared) for measuring CO, CO2, & hydrocarbons
  3. Enerac 700 Sensons
    • SEM sensors for NO, NO2, SO2
    • PCM (Precision Control Module) to increase sensitivity & prevent contamination
    • Hydrocarbons/CO2/CO NDIR Sensors (Designed per CA Bar 97 Regs for Engine Exhaust)
Enerac 700 Applications
  • Measurement of Oxides of Nitrogen Emissions from stationary combustion sources (per EPA EMTIC CTM-022, CTM-030, & CTM-034, ASTM 6522).
  • Measure CO, No, No2,SO2, and O2 from stationary combustion sources
  • Measure gaseous hydrocarbons, CO & CO2 (Meets EPA Method 25B, Appendix A 40 CFR 60)
  • Compute emission rates in lbs/million BTU for CO, NOX, and SO2 & in tons/day for CO2 per EPA’s  40 CFR 75.
  • Measure stack gas velocity, volumetric flow rates & emission rates according to EPA Method 2 or 2C, Appendix A of 40 CFR 60


  • Boilers
  • Auto/ Vehicles
  • Stationary Engines
  • Dryers
  • Furnaces
  • Heaters
  • Incinerators
  • Ovens
  • Stoves
  • Turbines

(any fossil fuel combustion Source)

What Industries We Sell To?

  • Asphalt
  • Auto/Truck Vehicles
  • Consultants
  • Engineering Firms
  • Federal & Local Govt.
  • Glass
  • Heat Treating Companies
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitals
  • Mining
  • NG Pipelines
  • Paper
  • Refineries
  • Research
  • Selling Companies
  • Service Companies
  • Utilities

What Kind of Partner Enerac is Looking for?

We are looking for a partner to help us sell & service our products in each country. Our offer would be an exclusive offer. We would sell the demo units at a big discount off list prices. All other details would be worked out after we come to an agreement.

Project Tags: Manufacturer, Emissions Analyzer


Do you have solvent VOC measurement kit ?.Emission from dryer stack, reactor vent ,vacuum pump etc.
Let me know what your name & e-mail is & I will email you
See above
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Sorry we will be working with
Sorry we will be working with the US dept of commerce to help us look for a new Southern India Rep

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