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Looking for FMCG Distributors - Himalya Foods

Project Status: Open

Greetings from Himalaya !!

Himalya International Limited, a listed company on BSE, is India's largest Food processing company with multiple plants at two locations at Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. Himalya's products are being sold in US since last 20+ years and Himalya Fresh is a premium brand in US market.

Himalya's products are All Natural and we do not use any Chemicals, Fillers, Gums or starch. Just Pure Simple Health Ingredients.

Canned Products:Frozen RangeDairySweets and Desserts


  1. Canned Mushrooms (whole mushrooms and slices)
  2. Canned Soups  (Cream of Mushrooms, Cream of  Tomato, Minestrone, Split pea, Vegetables and rice and more)
  3. Canned Meals (Daal makhani, Pindi chana, Matar paneer)
  1. French Fries
  2. Masala Fries (Spicy coated French Fries)
  3. Guilt Free French Fries
  4. Aloo Tikki
  5. Vegetable Burger patties
  6. Achari Mushrooms
  7. Fire House paneer
  8. Frozen Meals (Paneer Tikka Masala, Palak Paneer, Pindi chana, Daal Makhani and Aloo Gobhi)
  9. Meatless Meat balls.
  10. French Toast sticks and Bites.
  1. Super Premium Ice Creams
  2. All Natural Fruit smoothies.
  3. Feta Cheese
  1. Milk Cake
  2. Kaju Katli
  3. Peda's: Mathura peda, Kesar peda and Thabdi peda
  4. Moti choor Ladoo
  5. Besan Ladoo
  6. Gujia
  7. Ras Malai
  8. Gulab Jamun etc.
  9. Samosa's  (20 gram and 80 gram size)
  10. loo Tikki and Kachori
  1. Fresh Mushrooms  ( Only Mushrooms in India grown without any chemicals, Insecticides or Pesticides)
  2. Mushroom Pickle in Glass jars.



Distribution structure
Manufacturer -- HFIL (Himalayan Food International Limited)
Master Franchisee -- DVF (Doon Valley Food)

Super franchisee
A - City: 5L - 7.5L - 10L (Depend on size)

B - District: 10L - 15L - 20L (Depend on the size)

C - State: 25L - 50L - 100L (Depend on the Area)

Working. Franchisee Models

  1. Restaurant: 15-18 Lacs
  2. Store: 10-12 Lacs
  3. Kiosk: 5-6 Lacs
  4. New Kiosk: 3.5Lacs
  5. Mini Kiosk: 2.0Lacs
  6. SamOsam: 1.0lac
  1. Retail...........  22%
  2. Sweets......... 25%
  3. QSR.............  40%
  4. Incentive ......5% (plus)
  5. Target............5% (plus)

A.  S/ Franchisee State

  • Right to  Develop S/ franchisee District Only
  • Duty to give material and take payment on behalf of DVF

B.  S/Franchisee District

  • Right to  develop S/ franchisee City only
  • Duty to give material and take payment on behalf of DVF

This 2nd source of income by sharing the franchise fee collected

C.  S/Franchisee City

  •  Right to open the basic 6 models of franchisee
  • Duty to supply material take payments on the name of DVF

Franchisee fee is their 2nd source of income other that the sale of food

Computer Education and Tally

Project Status: Open

We have computer education centre in Bangalore.
I prefer to have someone as a consultant to build up my business.

We are mainly looking for Govt. schemes and projects like PMKVY.

Also try to get some help from womens organistaion and woman enpowerment organisations for the unit is run by a deserving lady.

Need a Dealer Distributor for leading E-Commerce

Project Status: Open

We are an E-commerce company and we are dealing with total consumer products in all over India and we want dealers/distributors in all over India for delivery who can deliver our product to our regular customer at their home address on (cod) cash on delivery mode.

Project Status: Open

Company has 3 manufacturing units, Unit 3 is divided into three sections that will be merged and exist in a single newly Constructed unit.  The company is engaged in manufacturing of automotive Components and has shown a continuous growing a year from establishment to till now. The company’s brand is a leading name with all major automobile component manufacturers, and is a preferred supplier for Tier II ancillaries..Comapany has a Turnover is Around 100 Crore.

Asking Price - 80 Crore