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List of Business Projects

Project Status: Open

We are manufacturers of liquor in Italy, France and Netherlands.

Our main interest of supply is in whisky wine and brandy.

We are looking for distributors of liquor in Harayana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.


Project Status: Open

Mush is a premium brand dealing with Bamboo textile and associated products with a vision to replace cotton with bamboo fibres due to its numerous performance and ecological benefits.

Mush currently manufactures and retails Bamboo Towels, Socks and T shirts across different regions.
The fabric made out of Bamboo is ultra soft, absorbent, anti bacterial and eco friendly. Hence Bamboo fibres are much superior to cotton in terms of performance and feel.

We are looking to expand our presence in international markets with distributors across the globe.

Distributors wanted for Shilajit (Asphaltum) Ultra - Lump

Project Status: Open

Shilajit (Asphaltum) also known as Mineral Pitch. Unique Herbo mineral substance that consist 60-80% organic, 20-40% of mineral and 5% trace element.

According to Ayurveda and Unani system Shilajit is a Natural Rasayan sacred rock and Know for remarkable health benefits. It has been found to have a great detoxification and Energy producing health benefits.

Benefits of Shilajit include Anti Stress, Anti Fatigue and Increases Stamina.

Project Status: Open

Sharbat Rehan (SUGAR FREE) has unique combination of various herb distillates, along with dietary fiber, rich source of vitamin C and natural flavors have positive effects on your health. Sharbat Rehan (SUGAR FREE) enhances immunity and laxative. Sharbat Rehan (SUGAR FREE) acts as a energy booster and it reduces stress.

We are looking for distributors and partners all over India for our sharbat.


Nature & Nurture Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. a diversified company into Ayurvedic/Unani/Lifestyle modification range (OTC)/FMCG/Spices/Beverages is headed by Managing Director Mr. Maqbool Hasan who is blessed and hails from a long family lineage of more than 120 years legacy of traditional business of herbs trading. N & N was founded on a strong background of herbal business and since starting N & N is developing its product infrastructure to make a diverse range of Ayurvedic and Unani products available to multi-national customers.

Project Status: Open

We are 1st and only Company in India which has introduced Self Heating Meals both Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian.

The Meals are Pre-cooked and 100% Natural with no preservatives added.

The Shelf Life of the Meals will be 18 Months from the date of Manufacturing.

Heater Bags are given along with Meals to warm/heat the meals/food at anyplace without the requirement of Microwave or Fry-pain.

Project Status: Open

Handcrafted Goan pottery, made the traditional way by local artisans, and fired in a traditional kiln. Charming, practical.

Each piece has a rustic finish, which sets it apart from the flawless factory look of mass-produced, machine-made goods.

These terracotta pieces are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and are sure to add a warm touch to any home.

Distributors for packaged Tea in India, USA, Europe

Project Status: Open

I represent a company based in India that has an established processing line to develop a range of packaged tea: Black Tea, Leaf Tea, Green Tea and a range of flavored or organic tea.

We are in search for brands in the USA or Europe who may want to outsource processing, customized to their specs, taste, Body, flavour in sachets, packs or jars.

Our tea leaves are sourced from India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and Kenya.

Quick turnaround time. In house tasting & flavour developing labs. Supported by state of the art processing and warehouse logistics.

Want Selling Agents for Cleaning products in India and abroad

Project Status: Open

Our this company is dealing in cleaning products i.e. Toilet Cleaner,Floor Cleaner,Glass Cleaner,Handwash,Dish Wash, Car Wash, Hand Sanitizer, Phenyl at present.

We are only one and half year old company having retailers in Delhi and surrounding areas.

The quality of product is well accepted in the market. No complaint of any of our items.

Project Status: Open

Skyrth International Services Pvt Ltd is an Export Import company who deals in all agricultural commodities like Fruits, Vegetables, Dry Fruits, Spices, Food Grains, etc.

With our sustainable crop solutions to produce safe and high-quality fruits & vegetables by lowering the residue levels, customized crop protection programs with the help of continuous involvements & monitoring of growers at field level comply with Good agricultural practices.


  1. We operate through modern pack house, cold storage facility & modern packing facility in Nasik & Mumbai (India) with Best Hygienic conditions.
  2. Packing is carried out in APEDA Approved pack house in hygienic packaging material to suit end users requirements for export as well as domestic market.


  1. At Skyrth, we believe ultimate customer satisfaction, in terms of quality, delivery and after sales service, are our first and foremost responsibility.
  2. Being quality conscious organization ,all our produce from associated growers are closely monitored in various growth stages till packaging, the produce can be tested in APEDA recognized laboratories as per customer’s need.

Export Jewellery and Imitation Jewellery Manufacturers

Project Status: Open

DELHI ARTIFICIAL JEWELLERY to manufacturers of Export Jewellery and Artificial Jewellery, Imitation Jewellery, Fashion Jewellery , Beaded Jewellery, Bone Jewellery & Handmade Jewellery . Metal Jewellery, Oxidized Jewellery in India

Indian Fashion Jewellery for Women

Delhi Artificial Jewellery: We are manufacturing wide range of imitation jewellery, you will find great Imitation all types Jewellery like CZ and AD Necklace, Pendants, Rings, Bangles, Bracelets and gold plated earrings and gold plated necklaces, German Silver, Oxidize Jewellery, for women.

Fantastic Range of Necklaces, Pendants, Rings, Bangles, Bracelets and Other Women’s Fashion Jewellery

Great Collection of Mangalsutras

We have fantastic range of our gold Plated and AD and CZ mangalsutras are hand crafted to perfection.

For Export Jewellery: We are manufacturing wide range of Export jewellery like Metal, Beads, Wooden Brass, Junk Jewellery Manufacturing

When you are looking for Indian jewellery. Our massive range of artificial necklaces for women and imitation jewellery and fashion jewellery

Women’s earrings are the most basic type of jewellery any woman has. If you are looking for women’s earrings, you must have a look at our range of artificial earrings. We also have great styles for women’s jewellery the latest designs of artificial earrings when it comes to women’s earrings. We also have all the popular and trending types of women’s earrings such as hoops, danglers, studs, and so on. Many of the modern women’s earrings, such as Artificial jewellery, incorporate Artificial diamond jewellery in them. With our range of women’s earrings, you can find the best women’s jewellery suited to your needs with ease.

Similarly, if you are looking for women’s necklaces, you should explore our exciting collection of American diamond necklaces as well as our fashion jewellery.

Amazing Rings for Women : We have wide range of rings for women of our many collections, the CZ Rings are the most popular. CZ rings are suited to everyone’s personal style. When you buy CZ rings for your friends or family, you can rest assured that they will love them. This one thing makes CZ Rings so popular amongst people looking for rings for women.

American Diamond Rings : American diamond rings are the best gift to give to your girlfriend. This is because every girl dreams of having a collection of American diamond rings at her disposal. American diamond rings are extremely versatile and can look great with any outfit. You can pair American diamond rings with western apparel as well as Indian ethnic garments.

We are manufacturing of men’s jewellery includes necklaces, earrings for men, rings, bracelets, mens kada and more types of fashion jewellery