Connecting Businesses with Opportunities in India
Projects are segregated into the following categories:

1. Business Projects.
  • Manufacturers who are looking for distributors in India or USA or any other part in the world
  • Franchisors who are looking for investor franchisees
  • Companies that are looking for Joint Venture partners in India or want to sell their business

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2. Internship Projects - 'Apprentice'
  • These projects are submitted by NRI's (Non-Resident Indians) especially for students in Indian colleges.
  • Colleges ensure that the projects are delivered by assigned students within stipulated time period.
  • On successful completion of the project, students are awarded the completion certificate by the project owner.

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List of Business Projects

Project Status: Open

We would like to develop our Bioptronlight therapy centre by drawing awareness to patients that is an innovative and non invasive method of treating from many who are suffering from various Dermatological and orthopedic related ailments and Inflammatory wounds like non healing fractural wounds, 2nd degree burns, Acne, Diabetic foot, ulcers, Arthritis and joint points and covering almost 52 different types of ailments. This is a patented Light therapy adopted to cure without Laser and UV in the Photochromatic light

From the Official Partner of India M/s Masterpiece Collections, Bangalore for Zepter International which is Swiss based Company Director being, Mr.Ishwar Nayak who takes care of the product distribution and also on of the co founders for Bioptron Light Therapy Centre. Dr. Srikanth Kulkarni is the founder of the Bioptron Light therapy centre and i am also one of the cofounders of the Bioptron Light Therapy Centre

Project Status: Open

Project plans to set up Digital Medical Centres on franchise basis to provide " WORLDCLASS HEALTH CARE TO ANY ONE ANY WHERE ANY TIME AT LOW AFFORDABLE COST INSTANTLY " Company has signed a MOU with UP Govt for setting up 3000 Digital Medical Centers in the state of Up in next five years . More details on the project can be seen on our website

Kairali International Spa Franchise - 4 Room Treatment Spa

Project Status: Open

We have great pleasure to introduce our self as the pioneers in promoting Ayurveda in India and abroad with 8 decades of relentless service. We have Ayurvedic spas in major cities in India, Franchise & Associate Centers in U.S.A., Japan, Poland, Abu Dhabi, Mauritius, Lebanon, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Bangladesh. We are shortly expanding to South Africa and U.K.

Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village has been declared as one among the 50 TOP WELLNESS DESTINATIONS by National Geographic Traveler. We are also the Winner of Spa Asia Crystal Award for the Best Ayurvedic Centre in Asia.

As you may know that Ayurveda is India’s ancient science of life, health, longevity and is becoming increasingly recognized the world over as one of the most complete and effective system of herbal medicine and natural health care. With a legacy of more than 5000 years of healing, the science is completely based on nature and its relationship with humans. Ayurvedic philosophy works on the principal of balance of mind, body and soul that result in perfect health.

Few FAQs about Kairali International Spa Franchise:
1) What is the minimum area /space required for this project?
The minimum space requirement for a four room spa ranges between 1800-2100 sq.ft. This would internal be portioned to the following:

  1. Reception
  2. Consultation room
  3. 4 Treatment rooms
  4. Shower Area
  5. Product display/ Product Storage space
  6. Back end- Staff space.

2) Which are the main features of Spa that would attract people?
The spa can offer wellness therapies in the principals of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic therapies are a hit across India and craze around world. The main attractions could be as under:

  • Abhyangam (Specialized Kairali Massage) 
  • Head Massage
  • Facial and Face Pack
  • Beauty care package of Kairali
  • Pizhichil ( Oil bath)
  • Pichu
  • Elakizhi (Leaf bundle massage)
  • Siro Dhara ( Pouring of oil on the forehead)
  • Lepanam ( Body wrapping)
  • Milk bath
  • Kadhikizhi ( Special Massage)
  • Netra Dhara and Netra Tarpanam (Eye Care modalities)
  • Navarakizhi( Rice Pudding Massage)
  • Thalapothichil ( Hair and scalp treatment)
  • Body Pack
  • Kairali’s Special Royal Makeover with or without head pack.

3) Why “KAIRALI” is Unique?

  • BRAND VALUE: Trusted brand for over 25 years and recognized as pioneers in providing traditional healing to the masses.
  • LEADERSHIP: Kairali is recognized as front runner in Ayurvedic Health Resorts, Wellness Spas and Therapeutic Centre in India and Abroad.
  • VAST EXPERIENCE: Three generations put their heart and soul for over 80 years of dedicated service and promotion of Ayurveda throughout India and across world.
  • SUNRISE BUSINESS MODEL: Kairali has been providing a very successful business model to our esteemed franchisees and Associates, where goodwill, quality and financial returns are all go hand in hand.
  • CONTINUOUS R & D: R& D assures quality and efficacy in treatments and patient support.
  • EQUIPMENTS: Handcrafted equipments to support therapy.

4) Who all are the target audience?

  • People with age group of 40 plus are our target audience.
  • People with different ailments
  • People who need relaxation therapies are also targeted

5) What is the training required for this project?
There is no training required for the top management. Trained staff would be provided by our end. This works similarly to any hospitality sector. At the management level, we can provide training at an additional cost.

6) Number of staff required to run this project?
The staff structure for a 4 treatment room would be as under:

  • 4 Male Therapists
  • 4 Female Therapists
  • 1 Spa manager/ Ayurveda Doctor
  • 2 House Keeping staff
  • Receptionist/ Guest Reception Executive

7) What are the salaries to be paid to the staff?
Each staff is paid directly by the franchise center. Approximate salary charges are follows:

  • Therapist - $1000.00
  • Doctor - $2000.00

8) Do I have any other obligations towards the staff?
Yes, since the Staff are moving to an international location our franchisee is responsible for their food and accommodation. It is also recommended to provide to the doctor a separate accommodation, whereas the therapist may not share the same accommodation.

9) How is the staff sent to our country?
The process of applying for visa to get employment is done via the franchisee. All cost associated with travel is also to be borne by the Franchisee.

10) What is the time line required to set up a center?
The time line to set up a center is around 60 – 90 days. The staff is trained at our Resort located in Palakkad, Kerala for approximately 30 days and equipment manufacturing requires 45 days as well.

11) What is my capital investment towards this project?
To establish a four room spa would require an initial investment of $ 230000.00 approximately which includes

  • Interior Design Budget: $ 150000 Approx.
  • Equipment’s: $ 18120.00 Approx.
  • Initial kit of products: $ 12000.00 Approx.
  • Technical Service fees $20000.00
  • Miscellaneous Expenses $ 18000 Approx.

12) How much working capital is required before we can be self sufficient?
For any new venture we would suggest at least to keep 6 months of additional working capital in hand, approximately $60000.00 per month for Six months to be on a safer side & for smooth running of the centre.

13) What will be the expected profit margin?
The profit margin varies from place to place. But as far as our experience goes the first year return on investment would be 22% at an efficiency of 30% occupancy.

14) What is the launch plan to ensure maximum awareness from Day One?
Above The Line Activities Budget are to be maintained by Client, Activities like –

  • Promotion through Radio
  • Shelters
  • Bus holdings

15) What kind of construction and ambience would be required for this project? Is there any blue print available?
We provide technical input to any space that may be provided to us. Interior layout and specification will be provided to the client through our in house architects. Cost implications for the interiors are not specified approximately for your budgeting purpose only in our investment section as they vary from place to place.

16) How Kairali Support to the Clients?
Our Head Office will look after Below the Line Activities to promote awareness like:

  • Articles in Magazines & Newspapers
  • Website maintenance for Kairali & Products
  • Adds for Your Centers in Magazines
  • Flyers will be provided quarterly to be distributed locally
  • Promotion through you tube
  • Maintenance of Facebook & Twitter Account

17) Product profile & range?
We Supply all spa products. They all are manufactured in our special pharmaceutical units in India and the Products are available only to our franchises.
18) What are the different Products Segments of Kairali?

  • Kairali Oil Products
  • Kairali Patent Products
  • Kairali Patent Oil Products
  • Kairali Classical Products
  • In all 150 Products

19) Is there any Royalty?
Yes, there is a royalty of 5% on net monthly sales or $500.00 plus applicable taxes per month (whichever is higher). This will in turn spent on your marketing plus branding your spa at all various International exhibitions etc.

Project Status: Open

Our company is registered in England & Wales (UK). We are looking for wholesale buyers / customers / distributors of food / dietary supplements, globally.

We get our product(s) contract manufactured in the UK at MHRA-GMP approved premises with BRC & ISO certification.

If you belong to any of the following categories then we would like to talk about our brand of health and wellbeing products:

  • Pharmacy / Supplement Distributor
  • Health food business / Nutritional Food Supplements
  • Distributor to retail businesses overseas.
  • Nutraceutical Industry.

If you choose to register our brand in your country as your Supplier/ Marketing authorisation holder/ Brand holder, we’ll need some documents from your side as a part of our customer verification process.

Looking for genuine companies who want to sell our products (made in UK) in their country.

Minimum Order Quality (MOQ): 2000 bottles (60 capsules per bottle)

We believe in a transparent relationship globally following the UK regulations and standards; and hence all the factual/non-factual/academic/business queries would be discussed or revealed as per situation/requirement/mutual approvals.

Interested companies, please drop an email on

Call us at: +447521723859 / +919769997702

Movie Production

Project Status: Open

This is a business proposal for making a Tamil movie and screening it in theaters. The movie production in Tamil Nadu is now a lucrative business offering good returns in a very short time period. The investment to a realization of the profit period is only just 6 months. We can assure you a minimum of 10% in 6 months i.e. equivalent to 20 percent per annum. The profit number will go up further if the movie has a good run in theaters. So, this is a venture which offers a very good business prospect in a very short term.

Looking for Distributors of Sports Goods

Project Status: Open

we are the manufacturers of sports goods products mainly deals in boxing equipment and some crossfit products in india. now i want to explore my business in usa.

Wanted Stockist for Household Non-poisonous Pest Control Products

Project Status: Open

About Pestomatic Controls :
Pestomatic Controls is a registered Small Scale Industry (SSI) unit, engaged in the commerce of high quality products. Owing to our expertise in the science of Entomology that includes Insect Sex Pheromones, we manufacture effective range of products to get rid of all kinds of insects.

About the Job:
1. Keep Stock & Sell the material in local market
2. Send the Account details along with the sum on regular basis
3. Help distribute marketing material
4. Appoint new dealers arrange for marketing
5. Build new contacts, make cold calls and arrange meetings
6. Assist in marketing and advertising promotional activities
7. Prepare promotional presentations

Skill(s) required: Good Communication Skills, good social sense, knowledge of local language, knowledge of local market, ready to take new challenges.

Investment Details:

Product Price for Dealer : 50% of MRP
No Royalty Free charges.

Other Detail: Standard Franchise Agreement

contact us:

Project Status: Open

We are in the process of setting up a Cold Storage in Delhi Region.

I have the complete Project Report and Plan.

We have the technology also.

We have our own land of the size of .5 acre.

Total Investment required is Rs. 3.5 Core or USD 560,000.

Minimum investment required from Investor is Rs.50 Lac or USD 80,000 and rest will be taken as loan from the bank.

The raised money will be invested in setting up the infrastructure.

The demand for cold storage is huge and, so, the business will certainly generate great amout of profit.

We will share the details once we start our dialogue.

Project Status: Open

Established in 2016, this start-up with its team of technologists from India and US designed and developed a platform (mobile app) that can cater to any On-Demand solution that a service provider wants to offer.

In 2017, the company started full operations with implementing the App in real world scenario of getting Drivers on-Demand.

With customization, this platform can cater to any other on-demand service for example maid-on-demand, tutor-on-demand, mechanic-on-demand

You can partner with us to start business in any part of India or the world. Example: do you want to start business in Chandigarh or Indore, or Lucknow or Jaipur or Hyderabad or any city of India? Partner with us, become a business owner in your city.

We are looking for:

  1. Partners who may want to invest in us for an active partnership
  2. Companies who want to license the technology
  3. Investors (including Companies) that may want to buy the whole platform

We are open for work with anyone from any part of the world.

For a complete business success, other than using the latest technology framework currently in the market, business intelligence, reporting and integrated marketing features are implemented for transparency to both users and drivers. 

3 apps included

  1. Client: iOS and Android
  2. Driver: Android
  3. Operations: Android.
    • Operations is managed through web as well.

Write your contact details in email below and will get in touch with you.

Franchise Business Opportunity in Travel and Banking

Project Status: Open

Dear All,
You are looking for best investment opportunity. we have great opportunity to excite you.. we are giving GlobalInfolinks Franchise in pan India
Start Your Own Travel Business and Banking Business With Your own Brand In pan India just. Interested People can visit on for more information.

Share your email id and contact no.

Our Business Adviser will call you shortly for this great travel franchise opportunity.

Setting up Plant to Manufacture Construction Materials

Project Status: Open

Manufacturing of Construction Materials like:
A) Vitrified Tiles
B) TMT Bars
C) Concrete Cement Hollow Blocks

Investment required:

  1. India - Rs. 100 Crore / USD 16 Million
  2. UAE - AED 90 Million / USD 25 Million

As there is a huge requirement of Infrastructure Worldwide, so the requirement of these products is very high.

Expected ROI – 28-30%