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I want a Verified Driver in Delhi. How do I get one?

Submitted by Mahendra Pratap on Thu, 08/04/2016 - 4:48pm.

From the traffic perspective, can there be anything more chaotic than what happens on the streets of Delhi? Anyone who has been to Delhi even for an hour during anytime of the day will say, ‘No’.

Vehicles can be driven on any side of the road, from any direction to any direction. It is like a puzzle on the road where the moment you see an empty spot, you try to fit-in (your vehicle, of course J).

‘Red Light’ at road crossing has no meaning.

It is just SCARY to be on the road even while crossing it at a zebra crossing, if there is any.

I live in US and visit India once in few years. Every time I come here it seems to be worse than before. I have driven on Delhi roads for years earlier, but now it is un-imaginable. What do I do?

For a stay of 2 to 3 weeks in India, I just can’t take chances by taking to the steering wheel. Of course Uber, Ola are excellent choices but when one has to cover multiple locations in single day, even these services become expensive.

So, I did some online searching for getting verified drivers in Delhi. I looked at the websites of many such services providers that offers driver on demand. With some pre-defined criteria like use of mobile app, verified drivers, hourlr rates for selecting a service provider, I chose DRIKU ( DRIKU app is available on both Android and iOS.

It was flawless, so to say. Someone has set a benchmark. I used the app to book the driver. It was just in few minutes a driver accepted the request, called me and assured he will be there AND he was on time (very unlike of how things get done in India). When the driver came, he showed me his license and also the Police Clearance Certificate. I can tell you that there was a great sense of safety I felt at that moment. At the end of the service, charges showed on my mobile with a feedback form. No denial, the first thought appeared was that the change is happening in India.

I am sure such on demand driver services will do very well in India and peole will be able to hire a verified driver on demand in every part of India.

On my next trip to India, I will use DRIKU to get a driver.


hiring verified driver in India
hiring driver for few hours is definitely not only tough but very concerning. I am based out of US for 45 years and do not know delhi much now. I got a driver for my wife and I, using a local watchman on my trip to Delhi last week. The driving was okay but we could not verify if the driver is reliable and then he didn't have the smartphone to use google maps. Had to stop so many points to ask for directions from unknown people to reach our destination. I found Driku and used it on my last day in delhi......worked exactly the way I wanted. I wish I knew it time for sure.
Driver on Demand

This is exactly what I have been looking for to get a driver for myself in Delhi. It is so so scary on the delhi roads and trusting someone, whom you don't know, to drive you around in Delhi has its own safety concerns.

I am reaching delhi next week and will get driver from driku for sure.

Thanks for sharing,



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