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How to get Licence for selling surgical instruments in India

Submitted by Himanshu Agrawal on Mon, 03/10/2014 - 10:25am.

I want to start a business in selling surgical instruments, and laboratory chemical kits from which institution I will get trade licence.

I am ready to become a distributor of surgical instruments and chemical kits in India.


License to manufacture surgical mask
I want to know the permissions required to manufacture a surgical mask in a unit .. for Maharashtra state .. can you help me where can I get the information
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All types of mask and gloves surgical products sell in a market
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where to get trade license for manufacturing cotton bandages in andhra pradesh
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Required documents for gastro sergical stument
Dear sir, Please help me required documents the how to open the retail shop for gastro surgical stument.
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Hi sir kindly guide me what type of documents required for it.
How to start surgical equipment business
I want to start surgical equipment business so please guide me how to start what is procedure and documents required for the same.
I want to be start own Distributorship in surgical equipment
Kindly guide me
Surgical Equipment Distributorship
I want to start Surgical Equipment Distributorship in South Kolkata
Surgical product selling and exporting Licence
I would like to start surgical product selling and exporting at African countries for that I want licence . Please send me the requirements of documents and information of prosecces on my mail


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