Connecting Businesses with Opportunities in India

SERVICES Offered by Entry India

To achieve business success in such a large and diverse country as India, key factors include: thorough Market Research that combines local insights with your global business goals, Entry Strategy, Reliable Partners, aggressive Due-Diligence and Follow-Up.‘ Trust but Verify’ and ‘An Indian on your Side’ are the two mantras to remember

  1. Opportunity Assessment and Analysis
    • Conduct Market Research on specific opportunity in India
    • Advisory service for "Indianization" of your product or service
    • Entry and Exit Strategy
  2. Business Execution Assistance
    • Finding and selecting qualified Partners, Vendors and Service Providers
    • Setting up Operational Structure including Incorporation of the Company, Selection & Procurement of Office, and Hiring of Staff
    • Access to Government & Business Contacts
    • Regulatory Approvals from the Center and State Governments

Now is the time for SMEs and Entrepreneurs around the Globe to enter the rising Indian market.  Let us take you there.

Entry India is well-positioned to provide it’s clients the real business value, that is created through:

  1. Our knowledge of India business, cultural and socio-economic environment, and strong collaboration with local service providers.
  2. Entry India's team which consists of both US and India based experienced R&D Staff, Entrepreneurs and Strategic Partners (including Industry Associations) who have experience in expanding business in India.

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